Uju Okoli biography, real age and net worth

Uju Okoli

Since the emergence of Nollywood, the industry has produced amazing actors who have taken the brand of Nollywood to greater heights. Uju Okoli is one of them.

Uju has been one of the fast-rising actresses in the Nollywood industry. She is one of the actresses that have contributed immensely to the growth and success of Nollywood. 

For this reason, We will be looking at Uju Okoli biography, and career in the movie industry. We will also look at her relationship status and net worth.

Who is Uju Okoli?

Uju Okoli is one of the famous Nollywood actresses in Nigeria. She is believed to be the daughter of the veteran actor and director Obi Okoli, who is known for directing movies such as No More War (2005), The Lost Son 2 (2006), and Men on Hard Way (2007). Uju Okoli has stared in lots of Nigerian movies. She began acting in 2007 when she was 24 years old.

Uju okoli Biography

The Imo state born actress is 39 years old as of 2022, she was born on the 26th of April 1983. She hails from Akokwa, Ideato North LGA in Imo state. ‘Ada Akokwa’ as she often addresses herself, was born into the family of renowned Nollywood actor, Obi Okoli. 

She grew up in Imo state, where she completed her basic and secondary education.

Uju is married but has refused to give details because she prefers to keep her personal life a secret. She shared pictures of her traditional marriage to a handsome unidentified man.

Uju Okoli Career:

Uju Okoli started acting at an early age, but she is known to have acted in a 2005 movie, No more war, which her father directed. .

She is known to have featured alongside top actors and actresses in the movie industry, such as Liz Benson Zubby Michael and Yul Edochie. 

Her talent and passion for acting have kept her active and relevant in the industry as she still acts in popular movies that make it to the big screens.

Uju Okoli Net Worth

She is a versatile Nollywood actress and was well-groomed by her father to a professional level. She is rated to be one of the richest and most influential actresses. The actress has an estimated net worth of $350,000. Uju has crafted a niche for herself by becoming one of the sought-after actresses in Nigeria.

Uju Okoli Awards:

In 2019, She was awarded the Nollywood Honours In 2019, She was awarded the Nollywood Honours Awards for her excellent participation towards the growth of the Nollywood movie industry.

Is Uju Okoli Married?

Uju okoli marriage

She is married, but she keeps her marriage a secret. 

Her husband’s name is not yet in the media, but we will update this page once we have it.

Movies :

Uju Okoli has featured in many nollywood movies, most of which are predominantly aired on AfricaMagic channel on satellite television channels. Some of the impressive roles played by her feature her character in the following movies. 

  • My Last Hope
  • Sound of Ikoro
  • Echoes of Love
  • Village Liars
  • Strength of Love
  • Strange of Love
  • Ring of Fate
  • Another World
  • Family of Enemies
  • Feast of Blood
  • Barren Kingdom
  • Royal Struggle
  • Designated Prince
  • Amazing Husband Season 1 and 2 


Social Media: 

The actress is very active on different social media handles. In fact, we certainly would not know much about her if not for this platform. You can check her out on Instagram @ujuokoli21 and Facebook: Uju Okoli

Uju Okolli`s Father :

There has been this misconception all over the media that Uju Okoli is the daughter of veteran actor, Obi Okoli who doubles as an actor as well as a movie producer. 

He is also the owner of the popular Idejimba, a movie producer who produced the popular movie “Like a Diamond” . He also works as a lecturer in university of Nigeria, Nsukka.

The only relationship between Obi Ukoli and Uji Okoli is that both are good Nollywood actors. 

Both of them are not even from the same state. While Obi Ukoli hails from Anambra, Uju Okoli hails from Imo. They also bear the same surname but are not related in real life. 

Obi Ukoli has however played a number of roles with Uju Okoli as her father. 

This does not in any way suggest that he is her biological father. 

In her words, she expressed surprise over how people constantly accused her of denying her father. She shares her family picture stating that she is always proud of her parents and can never deny them.

Uju Okoli Siblings:

Besides Uju being an actress, her brother is also creating a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. Tony White was born on20th of April 1980, making him three years older than Uju. He is not as popular as his sister since he has only appeared in a few Nollywood productions.

Out of the seven Okoli children, only 6 made it to adulthood, as one died sometime in 2016. Currently, We do not have information concerning other siblings owing to the secretive nature of the Okoli family.

Uju Okoli Education:

Growing up in Warri, Uju attended her primary and secondary school there. 

Information regarding the name of the primary and secondary schools is not mentioned. 

After bagging a degree in mass communication, she returned to Delta state where she dabbled into music before finally following a career path in movies. 

Consequently, she moved down to Asaba, and not long before she started playing diverse roles, from that of a house girl and her popular roles as royalty.

Uju Okoli`s Mother:

The real name of Uju Okoli`s Mother is Ajie Okoli, apart from her being a devout catholic member and her struggles to bring up her children in the Christian way, little is known about her since she lives a private life away from the media.

Quick Facts About Uju Okoli

Name; Uju Okoli

Age: 39 years

Date of Birth: 26th April 1983

Occupation Actress

Father: Unidentified

Marital Status: Married

Husband: Unidentified

Net worth: $350,000

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