Tinubu Net Worth and Biography updated 2022

Tinubu net worth

Most of us are curious to know the net worth of Tinubu, the Jagaban himself. The name Tinubu is not new to the Nigerian political system.

  • Bola Ahmed Tinubu
  • Tinubu Net Worth: $5 Billion 
  • Date of Birth: 29th March, 1952  
  • Age: 70 years old 
  • Gender: Male 
  • Profession: Businessman, politician  
  • Nationality: Nigeria 
  • Complexion: Dark

Tinubu, a Nigerian politician and accountant, has held positions such as the former senator for Lagos west during the 3rd republic in Nigeria and former governor of Lagos state from 1999 to 2007, and has served as the former national leader of the All progressives congress.

 He is a high-profile politician and one of the few politicians in the country whose career has constantly been covered with controversy, especially concerning his age and net worth.

BAT is also very influential as he is considered one of the key people who led to the formation of the All progressives congress. Often referred to as the godfather in Lagos and was given the name Jagaban of Borgu in Niger state or Jagaban, the name doesn’t come as a surprise as Tinubu raised men to become leaders in the country. One could even say that he is no doubt a kingmaker.

Early Life

Tinubu old picture

Tinubu was born in Lagos State, Nigeria, on March 29, 1952. Not much is known about his father, but his mother, Abibatu Mogaji, was a trader who rose to become the iyaloja of Lagos state.

He attended Children’s Home School in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria, and st john’s primary school in Aroyola, Lagos.

 Later in 1975, Tinubu traveled to the United States of America to further his studies at Chicago state university after first enrolling at Richard. j.Daley college in Chicago, Illinois. He earned a bachelor of science in accounting from the university in 1979.

Before Politics

Tinubu held positions with the American firms GTE Services corporation, Deloitte, Haskins & Sells, and Arthur Andersen. Bola Tinubu joined Mobil oil Nigeria after arriving back in Nigeria in 1983, rising to the position of an executive in the company.

Political Career

Tinubus’s political career started when he joined the now-defunct social democratic party and was elected to Senate representing the Lagos West constituency in the brief Nigeria 3rd Republic. After the uproar concerning the annulment of the results of the 1993 June 12 elections by General Sanni Abacha that saw Moshood Abiola emerge as president.

 Tinubu became one of the founding members of the pro-democracy national democratic coalition. This group called for the restoration of democracy and recognition of Moshood Abiola as the winner of the June 12 election.

 Unfortunately, despite his advocacy for M.K.O Abiola, power was ceased by General Sanni Abacha, ushering in another military regime, and tinubu was sent into exile in 1994. After the dictator died in 1998, tinubu returned from exile and was part of those who ushered in the fourth republic.

 Tinubu joined the Alliance Democracy (AD), formed by Abraham Adesanya and Ayo Adebanjo. He contested under the party umbrella for the governorship ticket of Lagos state and went on to win the primaries against Funsho Williams and Wahab Dosunmu in the party’s primaries and also won in the general elections where he was elected governor of Lagos state.

More Politics

Jagaban has many political godsons who are extremely loyal to him, from helping them to become governors, ministers, and house members. These people wouldn’t have become what they are today hence the loyalty to Jagaban. Apart from how revered he is amongst the political class, Jagaban is widely respected amongst Lagosians as he is credited with single handedly creating 37 more local governments in Lagos.

 Before his tenure as governor, Lagos had flooding problems, but he made Lagos what it is today. Bola Ahmed Tinubu declared his intention to run for the presidency come the 2023 election, and on June 8, he emerged the flag bearer of the party after pulling a total of 1271 votes. And defeating other aspirants.


As of 2022, Tinubu is officially 70 years old.

Tinubu Net worth

Tinubu is recognized as one of the wealthiest politicians in the country, having a net worth estimated at around $4 billion.

With this Tinubu net worth is is one of the wealthiest politicians in the country, owing to his numerous assets, businesses, and huge political career.

 He is undoubtedly wealthy for a man who has ruled one of the biggest cities in Nigeria as a senator and a two-time governor.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu himself has stated that he is richer than the whole of Osun state; this has made many people question his source of wealth, accusing him of syphoning and mismanaging public funds.

The Politician has also faced a tribunal for owning 16 separate foreign accounts. According to business experts, tinubu makes a total of $30 million from his numerous businesses and over $20 million from his political offices.

Some Businesses Of Tinubu

Tinubu car

Listed below are some of the assets allegedly owned by tinubu; even though he has denied ownership of some of these businesses, it is widely believed he has massive shares in these companies, making him practically the owner. At the same time, for some, he is their outright owner.

1. Oriental hotel,

2. Falomo shopping complex,

3. First nation airline

4. Lekki concession company

5. The nation newspaper

6. Ikeja shopping mall

7. T V Continental

8. Oando oil

9. Apapa amusement park

10. Tejuoso market

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