Theresa Onuorah, interesting facts about the Egedege dancer

Theresa Onuorah
Queen Theresa Onuorah

Theresa Onuorah is a popular Nigerian singer, in this article, we will discuss about the Egedege music crooner who also happens to be known as Queen of the Coast and the Egedege dance goddess 

She recently came to the limelight again when she was featured on Larry Gaga`s track Egedege.

Could it be said that her career had died off had it not been for this ground-shaking feature in the egedege track?

What has happened to her and where she is now remains unanswered questions asked by her lovely fans. 

In this article, we’ll be looking closely at these issues and other secrets about Theresa Onuoha.

Theresa Onuorah Biography:

Queen Theresa Onuorah Chizeberum, born January 9, 1942, professionally known as Theresa Onuorah, is a Nigerian high-life singer, dancer, and music goddess. 

She reigned in the 80s and 90s with her Egedege troops and Ogene music melody. She hails from Unubi in Nnewi South, Anambra State. 

Theresa Onuorah Early Life:

Theresa Onuorah was born in Unubi, Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, the Southeast Nigeria region where she hails from.

She started singing while she was young, and her Egedege dance group were known for making ceremonies colourful. Theresa Onuorah never relents efforts in working hard on her music ambitions.


Theresa Onuorah and Flavour

Queen Theresa Onuorah sings and dances with her dance group with her melodious voice, which cannot be compared to anyone else. The Egedege dance was made popular by Mrs. Theresa Onuorah in Unubi Town, Nnewi in Anambra State.

In contrast to her dancers in Egedege, Queen Theresa Onuorah has a unique dancing attire for herself. 

She dresses in exquisitely crafted Egedede garments that have vibrant hues and glitter. Small mirrors were used to make their costumes. 

These reflections can be found in her beautifully decorated fan, which in Igbo language is referred to as “akupe egwu” They also have a crown made of mirrors and feathers in various colours adorning their heads.

When she moves during her performance, she always has a smile on her face. Most of her performances were not captured as in the 1980s and 1990s when digital capturing were not popular in Nigeria.

When it comes to Egedege dance and music, Theresa Onuorah is a goddess. “Ogene Ekwubego mu na onye ga-agba egbu” is one of her top albums. Ana ekwu ana ekwu ana eme emendi egwu, “Ebelebe egbuonuo

The name Egedege was derived from local slang for richness and bravery, which explains why the dance is considered a cultural classic and is only played in a royal home or elite families.

In October 2021, Theresa Onuorah became the talk of the town after Larry Gaaga featured her in his song “Egedege” alongside Phyno and Flavour.

Theresa Onuorah Net Worth:

Theresa Onuorah is a famous Nigerian highlife singer. She has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Theresa Onuorah Husband:

A lot of people are always eager to know if or not madam Theresa has a husband or if he is still alive since all we get to hear on the face of the media is just Therea Onuoha. 

Is Theresa Onuorah married? 

She is happily married to Godwin Igboebisi, and they live in Unubi, Nnewi, Anambra State.

They have been happily married for over 30 years,Theresa’s children are all grown up, and she has two sons.

Theresa Onuorah Age:

How old is Queen Theresa Onuorah? There is no public information about the talented singer date of birth. However, she celebrated her 80th birthday in January 2022.

Queen Theresa Onuorah: Songs

Right from the 80`s when Theresa began a whole career in the high-life music journey, she always had this special ingredient added to her song, which would always leave the heart of the listeners with smiles, pleasure and happy dance moves. 

It would also interest you to know that some of these beautiful tracks are still a part of the playlist of a series of traditional weddings most especially in the southeastern part of Nigeria. 

Some of these songs are

  • Egedege
  • Ugochi Nyerem
  • Egwu Ndi Eze
  • Onwunwa Munachi
  • Ojembe Enwilo
  • Onye Ejila Ihe Uwa Gwa Medley
  • Ijem Irue Medley
  • Ekele Dili Anambra Na Imo Medley.

Where Is Theresa Onuorah From?

Queen Theresa Onuorah is from which state? Theresa Onuorah is from Anambra state. She is from Unubi, Nnewi South Local Government Area. 

The town of Unubi shares common borders with Osumenyi, Amichi, Ekwulumili, and Azigbo.All these cities are located in Nnewi South.

Is Speed Darlington Theresa Onuorah son? 

Young Speed Darlington

Yes. Theresa Onuorah once dated Chief Pericoma Okoye, a traditionalist, singer and composer from Nigeria. 

Speed Darlington is the son whom the couple was blessed with. Singer, dancer, and songwriter Speed Darligton aka Akpi resides in the US. 

In some manner, no doubt, he shares some striking resemblance with his mother.

Theresa Onuorah fast facts: 

  • How old is Theresa Onuorah? She is 80 years old as of 2022.
  •  What is Queen Theresa’s real name? Her real name is Theresa Chizeberum Onuorah.
  •  Her passion for music led her not to concentrate on her education. She used to take part in music events. 
  • She established Egedege Dance Group in her 30s. They travelled to different parts of the country, performing at festivals, marriages and funerals. 
  • Theresa is active on her Instagram account with over 35 thousand followers. The traditionalist dancer has many titles like Queen of Culture, Queen of Unubi and Queen of Edge.
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