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Small doctor

If you have always inquired about the source of Small Doctor net worth, then you have no problem.

In this article, we will discuss everything in its entirety, the singer, his early days, and fame in general.

Small Doctor Real Name

Small Doctor’s Real Name is Adekunle Temitope.

Small Doctor Biography

‏Popularly identified with the nickname Iyanu Mashele, Small Doctor is a Nigerian artist who is diverse in different genres of music in the industry, from afro-pop to Fuji to street sounds.

Also, Small Doctor doubles as a songwriter, recording artist, and stage performer.

How Small Doctor Came To limelight.

Small Doctor was actively involved in music production and songwriting before he attained fame.

It was after his single in 2015 titled mosquito killer he came just close to fame.

His boom moments came through after the release of his hit jam penalty, which is believed to have earned him an award, thus making him more popular.

Small Doctor Early Life & Education

Small Doctor was born on the 27th of May 1996 to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Temitope. His birthplace was specifically at Dopemu in Lagos.

However, he was not born with a silver spoon, as many may describe.

His mother was a school teacher; this earned her the nickname Omoiya teacher.‏

Growing up, Small Doctor attended Aina Orosan nursery and primary school, then Oniyawa secondary school Dopemu Lagos and obtained his West African Senior School Certificate.

He later got admission to study at the University of Lagos after he had graduated from secondary school, but for some reason, he had to drop out.

Some have rumored that he dropped out in a bid to focus entirely on his music.

This would have been true had it been that small Doctor did not come out severally displaying optimism to return to his school.

From his family background, it was obvious that things were not all too rosy for his family.

Countless times, he had to spend late nights in the streets sleeping in Oshodi, Mushin, and Lagos Island bus parks for years.

Small Doctor Career

He was particularly known for jumping on freestyles and free beats back then.

Although he started back from Secondary school, everyone who heard his sound could see the raw talent of music deep inside him.

Talking about starting initially as a Gospel singer, his mother was as well part of the church choir, who, according to Small Doctor, would repeatedly make optimistic statements like, “you are sure going to be a musician one day.”

He released his first track, officially titled “E ma kanramo mi,” in 2003.

Despite this, the fame wasn’t coming through as he had anticipated.

The fame finally came through in 2014 after dropping his first album titled “street ambassador”, which became an instant hit, especially among the Yoruba-speaking Nigerians who could relate to every line in the songs.

Small Doctor Cars

Small doctor dancing in front of a car

Nigerian afro-pop singer, Small Doctor, has several cars to his name.

In November 2021, Small Doctor acquired a new Benz G-Wagon, which cost over $130,900.

This was seen when he took to Instagram to show off his brand new whip adding that he has finally joined the league of Mercedes G-Wagon owners as he has taken.

Also, in 2021, Small Doctor trended all over the internet when he gifted his mom a brand new Toyota Corolla. All these indicates that Small Doctor net worth should be really solid.

Small Doctor House

We can’t say much about Small Doctors’ house. All we know is that Small Doctor is living in his apartment located in Lagos somewhere around Banana Island.

In an interview with Nancy Isime, Small Doctor, however, revealed that he has a house in Canada where his family is permanently based.

Music Streams in connection to Small Doctor Net worth

Every typical Nigerian musician can attest to making profits through regular streams of their songs all over the entertainment industry.

By this, we mean that supposing their song is on a platform, let’s call it audio mack. For instance, the more clicks they have, the more profit they generate.

Apart from Audiomack, there are other streaming platforms where musical works can be streamed. Some of them are Apple Music and Spotify.

Now how much does small Doctor makes from his streams?

Usually, the pay accrued to the artist for streams ranges from the price of 2 dollars to about 5 dollars for every time they can accumulate up to a thousand streams.

With this in mind, we will have to know how many streams each of Small Doctor’s hit songs have generated on these streaming platforms.

We begin with small doctor songs on Spotify.

  • Small doctors’ Penalty has a total of 1,625,110.
  • Small Doctor Mandeman remix has a total of 425,450
  • Small Doctor’s Mandeman has a total of 77,140
  • Small Doctors Hain has a total of 38 132.

As we can see, if we can calculate these streams, we can simultaneously compare what small doctor Net worth will look like judging from only three tracks.

In another internet source, small doctor Net worth came majorly from his accrued 200 million streams from global listenership.

Calculation-wise, we have realized how Small Doctor jokingly makes roughly over $400,000 from all the streams he has constantly been getting his released tracks.

Shows and Performances In connection to Small Doctor Net worth.

Small Doctor Net worth has also been seen as tied to his shows and Performances but national and outside foreign boundaries.

He makes his money here in two ways.

Firstly, when he’s invited to specific shows and Performances to come and perform, this usually leaves him home with handsome pay.

Secondly, Small Doctor, just like every other musical artist, may, in some instances, host shows which would demand ticket sales. This as well leaves him with take-home pay.

For this reason, we will be taking a surface view of how many shows and Performances have accrued to Small doctor Net worth.

Specifically, the record label Small Doctor is signed to is responsible for some percentage of Small Doctor’s earnings.

We made our findings and discovered that Small Doctor charges 3 million Naira for each show he performs or is invited to.

From our measurements and calculations, Small Doctor has conducted over 50 shows or more in his short time of payment.

Endorsement Deals in connection to Small Doctor Net worth.

Yet another means that spikes up Small Doctor Net Worth is the endorsement and ambassadorial deals he has bagged so far.

Ordinarily, musicians make tons of financial gains from endorsements. So long as they keep to their terms and conditions of signing the artist, the pay is not a challenge.

Similarly, from our findings, we have found that Small Doctor has an endorsement deal with a well-known betting site called Western Lotto.

It is believed that he earned over $100,000 from the endorsement deal.

Small Doctor Albums And Songs


2015: “Street Ambassador”.

2015: “Omo Iya Teacher.


2015: “Skit”

2015: “Oh My God”.

2015: “E No Sabi”.

2015: “Gyration”

2015: “Magician”

2015: “Amuludun”

2015: “Say Baba”.

2015: “Oyinbo”

2015: “Eleda Mi”

2015: “God the Bless”

2015: “Street Bus Stop”

2015: “Arrest”

2015: “Small Doctor”

2015: “Omo Iya Teacher”

2015: “Ile Ijo”

2015: “Story”

2015: “Gbera”

2015: “Gbagaun”

2015: “Iya Teacher”

2015: “You Know”

2015: “Anobi”

2015: “Mosquito Killer”

2015: “Uzobu”

2015: “Anobi”

2016: “Penalty”

2016: “Sobotone”

2016: “Forever”

2016: “Pakurumo”

2018: “My People”

2018: “Slay Mama”

2018: “Thank You”

2019: “Believe”

2020: Giveaway

Small Doctor Awards:

Small Doctor has several awards tied to his excellence in the music industry. Some of them are;

  •  Indigenous Artist of The Year at City People Entertainment Awards
  •  Street Music Of the Year by City People Entertainment Awards In 2017
  • 2016 Best Video by a New Artist at Nigeria Music Video Awards (NMVA)
  • Best New Act at Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2018
  • 2018 The Headies Awards as Best Street Hop Artiste

Small Doctor Net Worth

Currently, Small Doctor net worth is estimated around $500,0000. He is one of the influential artists in Nigeria who is doing well, and the pay keeps coming.

Based on this, Small Doctor has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Small Doctor Social Media Handles.

Small Doctor has made use of social media ever since his beginning days as an upcoming singer and has not stopped being super active on them.

His handle on Instagram is @iam_smalldoctor where he has over a 2.5million followers on his Page

On Twitter, the handle is @iam_smalldoctor, where he has over 227k followers.

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