Who is Ruth Kadiri husband? Here is all you need to know

Ruth Kadiri and husband

Who is Ruth Kadiri husband? If you are also curious, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss if Ruth Kadiri is married and who is the lucky man.

The talented actress has long concealed her husband’s identity, thus giving room to many rumors. 

For some time now, the details of celebrated Nigerian actress, movie producer, and screenwriter Ruth Kadiri’s husband have been one of the most searched topics on the internet and in blog comment sections.

Many people believe Ruth is married to her Nollywood coworker, Garbon-born Ghanaian Eddie Samuel Obong Watson Jr. while the rest point fingers at Stan Nze, who equally happens to be her colleague. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into Ruth Kadiri’s personal life to learn more about her relationship, husband, and whether Eddie is Ruth Kadiri husband.

Ruth Kadiri is already a mother, which proves she has a husband. She and her husband are very proud of their daughter.

Is Eddie Watson Ruth Kadiri Husband?

Eddie Watson is a popular Ghanian actor who was born in Liberia. Mr. Watson`s full name is Samuel Obong Watson Jr.and he has starred in over 200 movies. 

He is known to be one of the best Nollywood Actors with unique acting skills. He is a very talented actor with great potential and personality.

Eddie Watson started his acting career in 2010 with the movie Labour of Love. He received his first Ghanaian Movie Award in 2014 for his film Ebola which he wrote, directed and produced. He has made movies like Ebola, Jack and Jill.

Eddie Watson also starred in numerous movies such as House of Gold, Single and Married, Over the Edge and many others. As to whether Eddie Watson Is Ruth Kadiri`s husband or not, Eddie Watson and Ruth Kadiri have played diverse roles as on-screen lovers in several films, and their on-screen chemistry has raised suspicions that they are dating. Some have even labeled them as married. 

Let it be made clear that Eddie Watson is not married to Ruth Kadiri.

Eddie Watson is happily married to Ghaninan actress Naomi Baaba Watson, who has been married for two years. The couple have a child, Emirror Cassia.

Ruth Kadiri And Stan Nze

Ruth Kadiri has also been rumoured to have a romantic relationship with Nollywood actor Stan Nze. This rumour was notably speculated after their movie role in the film `The final list`. 

Their romantic expressions must have been so natural that they were rumoured to be married. Stan Nze is not married to Ruth kadiri. The actor is married to Blessing Jackson Obasi.

Ruth Kadiri and Apostle Johnson Suleiman

The General Overseer Of Omega Fire Ministries Apostle Suleiman joined the list of people who are rumoured to have had something romantic to do with Ruth Kadiri. 

Shortly after Suleman’s sex-scandal with Stephanie Otobo, numerous online reports pointed fingers at the preacher for being romantically involved with the actress. 

Ruth Kadiri did not take these accusations lightly as she went to her social media pages where she labelled the said rumours as “rubbish”.

She stated that she still would not imagine anybody coming to ask her a question of such a dumb nature, thus automatically translating that they both share no relationship.

Ruth Kadiri and Stanley Ebonine

She was also rumoured to have a romantic relationship with Stanley Ebonine.

It even reached a point where the Nollywood producer who featured Ruth Kadiri in his movies was said to dump the actress so that he can marry his present wife Dorathy Chinasa Agu.

The producer who doubles as the CEO of Ebo links has denied the news stating that he never dumped the actress as they still maintain their level of friendship. 

Also, he revealed that the actress is fully aware of his marriage and totally in support of his union with his wife.

If neither Eddie Watson ,Stan Nze or Stanley Ebonine is Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri`s husband, then who exactly is Ruth Kadiri husband?

Ruth Kadiri Husband Revealed

Ruth Kadiri husband is Mr. Ezerika. She shared a photo of her engagement ring some time ago on Instagram with the caption.

 “I said yes to the man who totally completes me. My dadyyy, my friend, my brother, my pastor , my perv, my gossip partner and my husband to be .God bless you and keep you safe for me”.

She kept his identity off social media for quite a while. This was until her first wedding anniversary, where she shared her husband’s picture on social media, pinning the lovely photo with the both of them kissing, which is presumably the first time she shared a photo of her husband.

Where Is Ruth Kadiri’s Husband From?

It is believed that Mr Ezerika is Igbo by tribe and a businessman from Anambra state. He is the husband of Ruth Kadiri . He is estimated to be in his 40’s. 

At this point Mr. Ezerika is Ruth Kadiri husband.

Ruth Kadiri`s Children

Ruth Kadiri and her child

Ruth Kadiri`s marriage with Mr. Ezerika has produced two children. 

Movies of Ruth Kadiri

Some of the movies she has featured in are highlighted below:

  • Breath of Love
  • Change of Ownership
  • Deceptive Heart
  • Heart of a Fighter
  • Honeymoon guys
  • Internet Hustlers
  • Ladies Gang
  • Limpopo Chicks
  • Mad Couple
  • Matters Arising
  • Mercy the Bus Driver
  • Negative Influence
  • Over the Edge
  • Somebody Lied
  • Stolen Lives
  • The Patient Girl
  • War for Limpopo
  • Yankee Students
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