Who is the owner of big brother Naija?

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Who is the owner of big brother Naija show? If you are curious then you have come to the right place.

One of Nigeria’s top and most popular reality shows is called Big Brother Naija. This show brings together competitors from various backgrounds and ages, but not younger than 21, to live in a house together for several days and weeks — roughly 95 more or less — to compete for a grand prize worth millions of Naira. The housemates are forced to live together in a house and are kept under Big Brother’s constant observation. 

The immensely famous BBnaija show has recently demonstrated its ability to bring Nigerians together. Although ideas about which contestants to support may vary, the show’s popularity among fans never wanes. 

BBN is quite well-liked by young people who use it to escape from their everyday lives. It has developed a cult-like following as a result. 

Sometimes, viewers of the show have extended their affection for their favourite competitors well beyond the program and have continued to cheer them on long after they have been eliminated. 

This is why a lot of individuals compete to take part in the program since it can change their lives.

Every day, a mandatory diary session is required for each housemate. During this time, they interact privately with Big Brother, who gives them a chance to express their emotions and ask him for favours. 

Famous DJs are invited to a party held every Sunday night for the benefit of the housemates. 

Each week, one or more roommates are kicked out, and they must choose a candidate for eviction beach week from among themselves. The housemate, or housemates, as the case may be, with the least votes is evicted in these evictions, which take place on Sunday evenings. At the end of the required number of days, the last man standing wins the big prize.

Who is the Owner of Big Brother Naija?

Big Brother Naija is owned by a group of corporate entities rather than by a single person or persona. This franchise, which was first aired in the Netherlands, is credited to Jon de Mol Jr. Endemol, who first created the franchise. There have been 387 seasons of Big Brother throughout more than 54 franchise regions and nations. However, since the franchise’s launch, the ownership has changed.

List of Owners of Big Brother Naija

 Endemol had ownership from 1999- 2015

 Endemol Shine Group from 2015 – 2020

 Banijay from 2020 – to date

Is Multichoice also the Owner of Big Brother Naija?

You may have thought multichoice is the owner of big brother Naija but that is not true, they may own a stake in the company. Companies always purchase a franchise license to host the show in different regions.

How the Big Brother Naija Show Works

A group of contestants in the reality series Big Brother Naija are brought together to live in a huge house after undergoing auditions and several screenings. 

Every inch of the house is equipped with cameras, and the candidates are constantly being observed. The housemates must live together for a set period without any outside contact in this oddly designed home.

Electronic devices are not allowed inside the house with the contestants. They are largely left to their vices to interact, even though they have daily tasks to complete. 

These people are always looking for ways to keep themselves busy because they have a lot of free time on their hands and little to do. 

This leads to explosive outbursts. Young and old Nigerians in the country and abroad are riveted to their screens 24 hours a day because of the drama unfolding.

Although Big Brother Naija is jam-packed with activities like group tasks and parties, the program has come under fire for airing occasionally filthy segments. 

Each housemate is aware of the eventual goal, which is to be the last person standing to win the big prize, as friends and enemies are established in the house. The roommates’ every move is captured on video as they deal with numerous difficulties. 

The logo features Big Brother’s eye, signifying that he constantly keeps an eye on things. Housemates must nominate one another for eviction each week as the show goes on. 

The audience is then asked to vote on which housemates should be kept after the announcement of the housemates with the most votes.

Following that, the housemates with the smallest votes will be kicked out on a weekly eviction show on Sunday nights. This is the general pattern until the winner is determined as the last person standing.

 List of Big Brother Naija Winners

 While some of the housemates have gone ahead to make a name for themselves, and become celebrities who continue to bask in the euphoria of stardom that Big Brother has given them, some have chosen to withdraw from the public eye and manage their private businesses. Either way, everybody is a winner in the Big Brother show.

 Below is the list of winners from the seasons and the mouth-watering prizes they went home with

 Season 1. (2006)

Katung Adwak

 Winner: Katung Aduwak

 Prize $100,000

 Season 2 (2017) “See Gobe”

Efe big brother

 Winner: Micheal Efe Ejebe

 Prize : N25 million worth of prizes

 Season 3 (2018) “Double Wahala”

Miracle BBN

 Winner: Miracle Ikechukwu Igbokwe

 Prize: N45 million worth of prizes

Season 4 (2019) “Pepper Dem”

Mercy Eke bib brother

 Winner: Mercy Eke 

Prize: N60 million worth of prizes

Season 5( 2020) “Lockdown”

Laycon Big brother Naija

 Winner: Laycon 

Prize: N85 million worth of prizes

Season 6(2021)” Shine Ya Eye”

White money big brother Naija

 Winner: White money 

Prize: N90 million worth of prizes

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