Ola of Lagos biography: Age and net worth

Ola of Lagos

Who Is Ola Of Lagos

Ola of Lagos is one of the most talented and creative individuals Nigeria is blessed to have. He is a young man in his 20s and has made a fortune for himself through his creative posts, videos, and skits on Instagram concerning cars.

Why is he called Ola of Lagos?

Lagos is simply a nickname gotten from his name Olayinka categorically stating his origin Lagos, thus birthing the name Ola of Lagos

Ola Of Lagos Career

Ola of Lagos started as a cleaner in the Lekki area of Lagos State. However, he somehow admires cars a lot. Working in a region like Lekki afforded him the luxury of seeing those who were up and doing in terms of wealth acquisition in Lagos Nigeria show off their wealth.

If you are a Nigerian, you must have heard that living and owning properties in Lekki, Lagos shows that you are a high net worth individual.

Ola of Lagos worked in the Lekki area and was always in contact with luxurious and exotic cars driven by the wealthy in Nigeria.

Rise of Ola of Lagos

His breakthrough came when Tunde Ednut decided to give back to his followers. Tunde Ednut announced that if his followers on Instagram grew to 2 million, he would give back that same amount of money to a lucky winner. 

Seeing the fierce competition in deciding on a winner, Tunde Ednut chose the winner by a raffle draw. Fortunately, the raffle draw emerged with Ola of Lagos as the winner.

Ola of Lagos won the massive prize of the sum of 2 million NGN. To add more spice to his already found joy, the Omo Baba Olowo himself aka Davido was online that day and decided to add color to the moment. He offered Ola of Lagos an all-expense-paid trip to the Dubai car fashion show.

As someone opportuned to work in Lekki where big men and women stay, he would at regular intervals often display his affection for exotic cars, which made him start taking pictures of these cars and posting them on his Instagram account.

Notwithstanding, all his wins in the social media space that has earned him endorsements with handsome pay would forever be linked with when former hip hop artist and blogger Tunde Ednut, started reposting him and some of his pictures on Instagram.

Ola Of Lagos` Early Life and Education

Ola Of Lagos` Early Life and Education

He is said to be born on June 19 to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Akinwande. His year of birth is not a piece of public knowledge. He grew up in a lower-class family because his parents were not well-

to-do. He had his primary and secondary school education in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Endorsement Deals:

Ola of Lagos’s excellence can also be measured by the number of endorsement deals he has begged over the years which has earned him handsome pay. 

As a result of the consistent followership, a mobile automobile company called Mecho Auto Care heard of how good he is in the business of car spotting and signed a billion naira deal with mecho auto care company.

It just did not stop here, other endorsement deals kept coming after this. This has made Ola of Lagos a big name and heightened his popularity as a Nigerian car advert Indeed it can be said that God Chose to bless him through the effort of “Mufasa Tunde Ednut”.

Some of the automobiles he has worked with are;

  • Giftback Africa
  • Suji Motors
  • Pramajeed Securities
  • mecho Auto Tech

Notwithstanding, he, however renewed his endorsement deal with Mecho auto tech on the 7th of June 2022 while currently representing an automobile brand with the name Copart Dealings

Ola Of Lagos Net Worth:

Due to his numerous deals with various brands, he is estimated to be worth $500,000

Social Media Handle; Ola is active on his social media platforms most especially owing to the nature of his job as a car spotter. On Facebook, the handle is Ola of Lagos. On Twitter, he has clearly stated that he is not particularly active there. The handle is Ola of Lagos then on Instagram where he has over 1 million followers.

It is evident that Ola of Lagos’s career is still on the rise and there are more up his sleeves. Do you think he should go back to school according to some of his fans?

How Much Does Ola Of Lagos Earn From Each Ambassadorial Deals?

It would seem difficult to measure how much Nigerian car spotters earn. However, we can draw little cues from the car spotters in the United States.

The salaries of Car Spotters in the US range from $38,450 to $77,940, with a median salary of $55,930. The middle 60% of Car Spotters make $55,930, with the top 80% making $77,94. This alone provides an indicator of how successful the car-spotting industry is.

Quick Facts About Ola Of Lagos

Real Name: Waris Olayinka Akinwande

Stage Name: Ola Of Lagos

Date Of Birth: 2000`s

Age: Under 25 years old

Profession: AutoMobile Advertiser otherwise known as Car Spotting.

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $500K – $1M

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