New month prayer for my boyfriend (Updated 2022)

New month prayer for boyfriend

Most women ask, what is the best new month prayer for my boyfriend? How do I wish him well on a new month, so he knows I have him in mind.

In this article, we have outlined the best new month prayer for your boyfriend.

How do you feel when you stay a day without eating? Of Course, the answer should be that you feel tired, dizzy, and inactive throughout that day. 

Similar to how we feel when we do not pray, prayer can be compared to food since it gives us the strength, hope, and joy we need to move forward in life.

What a wonderful thing it would be to pray for the person you love the most, the one you hold closest to your heart and won’t let go. If you are still asking what is the best new month prayer for my boyfriend then read on.

Everyone hopes for a prosperous life, notable accomplishments, thriving businesses, exam success, etc. All of these must go through prayer to unite forces and make it work.

In reality, it is a must for boyfriends, so they are no exception. Pray for your partner if you want him to develop, succeed, and shine above others so that you may proudly mention him anyplace. It has a big impact. 

So just in case you are well interested in your boyfriend’s success, below are prayers to send to your boyfriend to make him happy every new month.


  • My lovely man, May your hands be blessed .May your purse never dry. May your life roll beautifully and your paths be blessed with the rain of good things. I wish you success in life, baby.
  • May the Lord shower his blessings on your life, blossom it beautifully to attract favour and greatness.
  • God has given us another opportunity to be happy together, another month to be together, another month to be held in your beautiful embrace. Happy new month my love.
  •  A new month, a new blessing, new opportunities, another opportunity to be with the one my heart desires; happy new month love.
  •  I have always cherished what we shared. I am happy to welcome you into a new month; I hope this month will be filled with memories of you, happy new month.
  •  All I ever wanted, all I ever needed, all I ever desire is to spend every day of this month with you. Happy new month, my heart.
  •  I keep thinking, what more could make this month be, If not spending every second, every minute in this new month with you. Happy new month.
  •  New month, full of pleasant memories, I can’t wait to spend every day of this month with you, happy new month, welcome to our month of togetherness.
  • My love, I pray that God enlarges your vision, makes you stronger each day, gives you wisdom for all you do, flood your existence and make you that great man you desire. Many successes in life Babe.
  • May the upcoming month bring new motivation to your life! Happy New Month!
  • A new month is another chance to start afresh, so don’t lose hope! Best wishes!
  • Happy New Month, Love! I want to cherish you more in the upcoming month and spend every minute of it with you right by my side!
  • Good morning and welcome to a new month, a month full hope and great things. Happy New Month!
  • Forget all the mistakes of the past, look forward to making the most of this month. Happy new month to you!

New month prayer for my boyfriend is over. So let’s see some new month prayer for your girlfriend

Cute new month texts to your girlfriend

  •  While looking for the babe I can live with, I found myself hooked up to you. An amazing woman I can’t live without. You are simply amazing. Happy new month to you, darling.
  •  As busy as I get during the week and even on weekends. The new month gives me the perfect time to send my best wishes and love. 
  • You have simply been the most amazing and best gift from God to me. You are pretty much God on earth to me. Happy new month darling.
  •  I hope this new month again makes you see that you really mean the world to me. I hope you realize today that I will love you with the last of my breath, and you will be with me, together till my dying days. You are my love, my superwoman, my forever. I love you so much. Happy new month my girl.
  •  Although I don’t own all the money in the world. But I’ve got a beautiful gift from God, who is more than all the money in the world, and that gift is you. My special woman. You are a great girl, and I am sure you will make a fantastic mother. A happy new month to you *girly*. You will continue to rise and shine.
  •  You are not with me right now, and for this, I miss you so much. I know we’ll be together soon, and the mere thoughts of this excite me every day. The new month is here again, to remind me that you will soon be here with me. Happy new month darling, I love you so much. Stay safe.
  •  Happy new month to the most beautiful and amazing woman in my life. I hope this new month’s text tells you how important you are to me and I won’t even ever have to risk losing you. My life will be a mess without you in it. I love you so much dear, have a great month ahead.
  •  As you embark on this successful Journey, may the peace of God accompany you. May you experience unexpected favour and May you shine so brightly. So much success in life I wish you, my love .
  • Like never before, your efforts shall attract envious results, even as you start this new month. Amen.
  •  As we watch the day unfold and nobody is able to stop it, so shall your hopes, dreams, and aspirations be unstoppable this month and beyond. A happy new month to you.
  •  When this month ends, everything will turn around for your good. Watch it and believe it! A happy new month to you from me.
  • This month, you shall be a point of reference, a channel of blessings, a symbol of desirable successes and a celebrated achiever. Amen. Happy new month.
  •  Stay permanently blessed, and have a blissful month. It is your month of joy. Happy new month, dear.
  •  This month, the voice that parted the Red Sea shall make way for you where you think there is no way. Happy new month, dear.
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