Meaning of Sapa the popular Naija slang on social media

A man demonstrating sapa and poverty

Many Nigerians have been asking, what exactly is the meaning of Sapa?

The slang Sapa has been trending over social media, especially with Nigerians, and if you are wondering what it means, then you have come to the right place.

What is the meaning of Sapa?

The slang Sapa is used to describe the state of being extremely broke, especially after spending extravagantly. It is also a fun way of making a mockery of yourself when you are broke.

Some commonly used phrases are: Sapa nice one, sapa I see you, etc.

How to Avoid SAPA

It’s not a pleasure to be in SAPA. Nah! It’s not true! SAPA is a shameless guest that doesn’t seem to care. Here are seven ways that you will not be contacted by Sapa.

Have Emergency Savings Against Sapa

Financial experts recommend having at least a six-month income in an emergency savings fund; this will help you avoid sapa in case anything goes wrong.

You should avoid spending every money you own; it is wise to save for the rainy day.

Make Your Spending Lesser Than Your Income

It is common knowledge that expenses less than your income will always put you on a positive cash flow.

Do not purchase things on impulse. Make sure your purchases are planned before they are made; this way, it helps you avoid unnecessary spending.

Only buy What You Need

Another smart way of avoiding sapa is by purchasing only the things you need. Take a look at your closet. Do you see some clothes you haven’t worn for a long time?

Maybe they were purchased on impulse. To avoid sapa, always buy the things you need and the essential things.

Avoid Friends That Drain You

Hanging out with friends all the time is not financially healthy. Fancy restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. No doubt we should hang out with friends once in a while but doing this all the time is not helpful and may invite the almighty SAPA.

Sapa no dey look face lol. 

Don’t Try To Impress/Compete Anyone With Money.

Trying to impress people with money is another guaranteed way to invite SAPA. Always spend within your means and understand that spending money is not an intelligent way to get people interested in you.

Engage in Profitable Investment

Always invest your money into profitable ventures; this will help you preserve your money and get a decent return on it.

Instead of constantly spending your money in fancy restaurants and bars, it can be invested.

Investing is a sensitive topic and so do your thorough research before giving money to any individual or company for investment purposes. 

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