Lagos to Abuja by road in 2022

How can I move from Lagos to Abuja? What is the distance from Lagos to Abuja? This is the questions on the lips of most Nigerians. In this post we will discuss how you can easily move from Lagos to Abuja easily.

A street in Lagos

Lagos to Abuja is one of the most sought-after routes for Nigerian travelers.

The cities of Lagos and Abuja provide visitors with amazing experiences and a list of activities and sites to visit. If you are wondering how to get between them, take a look at our guide for all you need to know about the two cities.


Abuja, a.k.a the Federal Capital Territory, is strategically located in the center of Nigeria. It is Nigeria’s capital of power with an estimated population of 6 million. 

It has modern parks, high-end architecture, a peaceful atmosphere, and massive structures. There’s an array of things to do in Lagos, including climbing its many hills and kayaking, shopping, gourmet dining, and more. 

The ever-evolving capital city Lagos is home to more entertainment options – with a myriad of tourist destinations like beaches the longest canopies in Africa as well as museums, conservation parks and art galleries, and much more.

Travel – what you need to know

All you require to travel between Lagos and Abuja is the desire to travel and a means of transport – there’s no requirement for a visa or border and there’s no language barriers. If you travel via road, be prepared to enjoy all the sounds and sights in other Nigerian states. It is also advisable to be prepared for the weather fluctuations across states, and bring large scarves or sweaters.

Catch a short flight

A typical flight between the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja as well as Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA) in Lagos takes about 50 minutes. It is the most convenient and efficient way to get around on your way. 

It is worth noting that the Abuja route from Abuja to Lagos is the fourth busiest air flight route across Africa. The reason for its popularity is its affordability, with the average one-way ticket price of about N30,000 (USD$98).

Let’s go for a trip 

Driving on the road offers the chance to discover different states in Nigeria and their distinct cultures and also to see the most amazing tourist destinations like those of the Oba and Benin Palace in Edo State, the Oba Palace in Edo State, Lord Luggard’s Rest House located in Lokoja, and the vibrant cultural heritage that is Akure.

When using a bus you can use one of the domestic public travelling companies like Peace Mass Transit, God is Good Motors, The Young Shall Grow Etc.