Kayamata side effects, history and all you need to know


What are Kayamata side effects? If you are curious to know, then you have come to the right place.

Since the advent of the 21st century Kayamata has become the norm amongst women, we cannot entirely tell if the claims about the product are accurate. Still, the constant reviews from the vendors of these products say otherwise.

Moreover, it is undeniably true that there is a surge in demand for sex-related objects in the world, hence the invention of all manner of contraceptives, lubricants, sex toys, lingerie, and, even more shockingly, sex dolls.

The world is evolving so fast that we no longer frown at sex. Even research says that there has been a significant drop in our moral standards, so it is easy to see why this product, especially the Kayamata, has continued to gain traction amongst ladies.

The Kayamata rave is something to watch out for. These vendors have all types of products for those who patronize them, like sex sweeteners, vaginal tighteners, libido boosters, and so on.

To some women, the general idea behind it was to achieve great pleasure from intercourse with one’s spouse, that their significant other would be so pleased to the extent of not looking outside of their marital bond.

Kayamata originated from northern Nigeria and was initially meant for married women to prepare the bride-to-be for a healthy sexual life. Kayamata translated means “women’s thing,” kaya” for women, and “mata” for property in the Hausa language, refers to herbs or potions that act as sex or love enhancers for couples.

The sexual products are widely common and used mostly in northern Nigeria by both sexes, women, and men. Although it is referred to as “maza” amongst the male folks. it comes in different forms: perfume, tablets, scabs, ointments, concoctions, beads, herbs, and ditches

The products have become almost an acceptable norm amongst women of different ages, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds. With its growing trend on social media, sellers of this aphrodisiac have openly advertised them on their pages and, of course, posted the testimony of those who patronized them for more efficacy.

Nevertheless, it has been discovered that these sex enhancers, albeit their good nature, have been tampered with and thereby giving some Kayamata side effects. Some vendors go as far as mixing chemicals and other harmful products to boost their potency, causing dangerous health problems for their users.

Sadly, women ignore the health hazards these products can cause; even our men who use these products are unaware of the deadly hazards attached to these products.

The vendors who are after their money and have continued to be in the business of mixing chemicals and other harmful products leave their customers at the mercy of ingesting these products, which can cause damage to the liver as well as kidney failure, especially when they react with other drugs.

Apart from the breakdown of the body systems due to the ingestion of these drugs, a syndromic behavior from the users called the Kayamata withdrawal demeanor can ensue from them. This is a symptomatic effect that comes from the discontinuity or reduction in the dosage of the drug. These are no doubt serious Kayamata side effects when purchased from less known sources.

A scenario where the woman could lubricate naturally before Kayan Mata suddenly becomes dry after its use, some of which will begin to suffer mental health problems such as depression after a series of disappointments from the products.

Ingredients Used In Preparing Kayamata

Originally the Kayan mata herbs constitute of different components ranging from the zuman mata/maza sweets, sweetener powders, and lubricants. The components for its mixture have evolved over the years, but the ingredients have a base of honey, camel’s milk, tiger nuts, millet, and herbs from plants, trees, and roots. And then ginger Ambien, bufo toad, yohimbine, horny goat weed.

Advantages Of The Natural Kayamata

As we said, the Kayamata was produced at first for a natural good to help the sexual lives of married couples while also helping them get a long-lasting sex life. In the early days of the use of Kayamata, especially for the northern women, it was a thing of joy as it was viewed as one of the necessary rites to prepare the young bride for her new journey ahead. Listed below are the advantages of the original Kayamata.

1. It has gained popularity amongst women because it is widely believed to help enhance the sexual life of couples. It helps bring back lost excitement for couples, especially during intimacy.

2. Some ingredients used in preparing the Kayan mata have huge nutritional value. For example, the tiger nut milk used in preparing the Kayan mata has many health benefits, including millets, honey, and goruntula, which are foods that have profound health benefits.

3. The product is also effective in treating sexually related issues in both. male and female, issues like vaginal dryness, low sperm count, low libido, and general sexual satisfaction

4. Contrary to what we might feel or think, the original Kayan Mata has been said to aide some women struggling with fertility issues.

5. The advantages of the Kayan Mata is not just for women but for both gender; in the case of men, the Kayan mata has been proven to help prevents premature ejaculation in men.

Kayamata side effects

Owing to the fact that the good nature of this product has been tampered with, Kayan mata has become more harmful than useful to both men and women alike. It is believed that most of the vendors of these products are now producing unadulterated ones by mixing harmful chemicals into their potions for unsuspecting customers, especially with the rave of the products on different social media platforms.

1. Infection

using the Kayan mata can introduce infections into the body; infections like yeast infections have been the most commonly found infection in the body of Kayan Mata users. According to health researchers, this infection comes in if the Kayan Mata products are inserted into the body as it distorts the normal flora of the vaginal and changes the PH.

2. Vaginal dryness and soreness;

As earlier stated, the Kayan mata users often experience vaginal dryness and soreness because they stopped using the Kayan Mata.

3. Liver damage and kidney failure

Using Kayamata a lot can result in liver damage and kidney failure. This is because most vendors mix a lot of unknown substances to their Kayamata and when used the repercussion can be tough.

4. Trust issue amongst Couples

Not many couples have accepted the use of Kayamata, especially with these vendors going extreme as using diabolical means and mixing all sorts of potions to drive sales, and these could affect the relationship; we see spouses of those who use Kayamata fleeing from their partners for fear of the use of diabolical potions to tie them down

5. Adverse drug reaction from the use of this product

You may react very badly to Kayamata

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