Is Ruger blind? The mystery behind the eye patch

Ruger with eye patch

Is Ruger blind? This question comes to mind immediately after one sees the singer wearing one eye patch.

We were curious, as you are, so we went ahead and dug deep to uproot the facts.

What happened to Ruger eye?

When someone uses an eyepatch, it immediately drives the insinuation that the eye is blind, so it is covered.

A lot of people misinterpret Ruger`s use of the eyepatch as him being blind.

This is not true, as the singer revealed that he wears an eyepatch to respect someone he does not want to speak about. 

So is Ruger blind? The answer is no. 

He is not blind, and we can confidently say so. 

The patch is his signature look. Other entertainers have theirs, e.g., Falz uses an empty glass frame while DJCuppy displays hers as having a pink hair. 

Is Ruger blind? No, he was seen in a picture with Rema where he was without an eye patch. His eye on the image looked fine.

Ruger without eye patch with Rema
Ruger without an eyepatch


Michael Adebayo, popularly known by the stage name Ruger is a talented Nigerian singer and songwriter. He was born on the 23rd of September 1999, in Lagos state Nigeria. 

His primary and secondary school education was completed in Lagos. 

It all started when Ruger joined his Church choir as a teenager, making positive moves by getting signed as a member of his school musical band, all in a bid to see to it that he develops himself as a musician he had always dreamed of becoming.

Right from his days as a teenager, Ruger had decided that he wanted to make mainstream music. His first move began when he began composing Afrobeats songs in his final year in high school to fine-tune his songwriting skill.

He did not stop here; he began recording and composing songs in studios around his neighbourhood. Undoubtedly, some of these singles did reasonably well locally, helping to increase his fame in the Lagos underground music community with rewards of unique invitations to perform at local music shows and concerts in Lagos.


D Prince Mavins

Ruger recorded a significant success break when he was discovered by rapper and talent manager D’Prince of Mavin Records. 

Being impressed by Ruger`s talent, he decided to take him under his wing. D’Prince began grooming Ruger into a better musician, helping him improve his singing and songwriting ability. 

D’Prince, who is also a music executive, decided to sign Ruger under his record label, Jonzing World Entertainment. 

On the 18th of January 2020, D’Prince took to social media to announce that he had signed Ruger under his imprint, Jonzing World. Thus, Ruger became the second artiste D’Prince signed after Rema in two years. 

In Rema‘s case, he is co-signed to Mavin Records, owned by Don Jazzy.

But Ruger‘s case is different. D’Prince is partnering with Sony Music West Africa and Columbia Records in managing Ruger.


In January 2021, D’Prince unveiled Ruger as Jonzing World‘s latest signee. It is a joint venture deal between Sony Music Entertainment UK, Columbia Records, and Jonzing World. 

He was introduced into the Nigerian music community when he released his debut single, One Shirt, on the 20th of January 2021. The song featured appearances from Rema and D’Prince. 

D’Prince is the brother of big-time producer and record label owner Don Jazzy.


Two months later, Ruger showed the industry what he had to offer when he released his debut music project, Pandemic, on the 12th of March 2021. 

The project is a 6-track EP composed of the following songs – Bounce, Ruger, Abu Dhabi, Bow, Monalisa, and Yekpa. Kukbeatz produced all the songs on the project. Earlier, he had dropped the self-titled single, Ruger, on the 17th of February, 2021.

The single, Bounce experienced commercial success as seen when the song went viral as soon as the EP was released, increasing Ruger‘s popularity and fanbase. 

Bounce debuted at number 39 on the Top 50 Chart. The single also reached the number 20 spot on the TurnTable End Of The Year chart.

Later that year, Ruger dropped his sophomore EP titled The Second Wave on the 19th of November 2021. 

Once again, the project was solely produced by Kukbeatz. The 4-track project is home to the following hit songs – Champion, Snapchat, Dior, and Useless.

The success of the EP paved the way for Ruger to embark on his first international tour, tagged The Rugged Tour. 

The tour began in the United States in May 2022, which saw Ruger perform in cities like Houston, Dallas, and Las Vegas. 

He has also performed at sold-out shows in Cyprus, Netherlands, and Australia. He is also billed to perform in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, and Malta.

In June 2022, Ruger‘s announcement that he was dropping a third EP was met with excitement on social media. 

The announcement was followed by the release of the Second Wave Deluxe on the 17th of June 2022 which he added the singles; Girlfriend, Wewe, and Warning.


Apart from all winnings experienced by the Nigerian Superstar Ruger, he also recounts a series of discouraging moments of his journey as a musician. 

One of which he was harassed on stage s*xually by a female fan holding and squeezing his [email protected] 

This made him angry and he left the stage.

Another was when producers refused to record a track for him because he had no money, but the same producers are currently basking for a collaboration.


Ruger net worth is estimated at around $322,000, which is equivalent to N161,000 in Nigerian Naira.


Within a short period, Ruger has gathered a large number of followers on Instagram, having over 18.7k followers on his page. His official Instagram handle is @rugerofficial.


Susan Pwajok

Suswan Pajwok, one of the main characters in the African Magic series “The Johnsons” recently stirred the online space after she shared a video of her love moments with the Nigerian superstar Ruger.

At first, Ruger refused to have anything romantic to do with Susan, saying that he and Susan were simply besties.

Moments later, he finally confirmed and admitted the claims of being in a relationship with Susan with his post on Instagram story. 

He wrote: “ok, @SusanPajwok is my girlfriend, you all can get off her d*ck now thank you”.

If you are asking is Ruger blind, he is not. He only wears the patch as a respect to someone. That is it.

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