How to toast a girl as a Naija guy

How to toast a girl

It’s funny how sometimes we find guys stammering or making incoherent sentences when they want to toast a girl; every girl has lines that work for her, which will make her instantly warm on the inside. So how to toast a girl correctly and get her to say yes is what many guys wish to know.

In this article, we have laid out very helpful tips on how to toast a girl correctly and possibly get a yes.

Especially if you find yourself at a complete loss for words whenever you meet a girl you like and start thinking, “She will never like someone like me,”

You cannot “make” someone love you, but using these suggestions will increase the likelihood that she will feel the same way about you, and a relationship could develop. So to help you win the girl’s heart, here are some simple steps you should follow.

How to toast a girl and what to say

You should note that you’re not required to say something brilliant. Start a conversation. A simple “Hello!” will be enough. You might also try using something playful. But if you want to impress her, you could try some of these words

 There is no other girl in the world like you.

 You remind me of beautiful things in this life.

 I believe in you more than anyone else, even me!

 I become better everyday because of you.

 No person in the world knows me better than you.

 Now take notes of the words above, to use them means you already know her and maybe you are just friends but you are trying to shoot your shot. But if she was a total stranger whom you’ve admired. It is always helpful if you keep the conversation light and wait for her reply.

Guides on How To Toast a Girl

1. Do not come off as pushy when you meet her:

Being pushy might easily irritate her, girls like men who know how to keep their cool. Do you like her? Yes!!. But don’t make her run from you. Give her time to process her feelings.

2. Be brave and confident when toasting her:

Guys who know what they want and go for it confidently are attractive. Talk to her with confidence and please do not impress her by using too much grammar and you end up embarrassing yourself. Speak in clear terms.

3. Take care of your hygiene:

How else can this be stressed, please take good care of yourself before you even think of walking up to a girl, wear clean clothes, and invest in your smell (wear perfumes). Look responsible and presentable. Your appearance speaks a lot about your personality and you want to make a good impression on her. So do not mess it up

4. Make her laugh during the conversation:

You can trust me when I say girls like guys with a good sense of humour. When you are toasting her, include words that will get a smile from her. If you can make her laugh uncontrollably, that’s a big plus.

5. Be sincere and open with her:

Honest men get the very best women. Do not try to be sketchy or secretive or even vague. Please don’t. It kills your chances of you getting her. Be open, let her see the sincerity radiating off you.

6. Prove to her that you truly like her:

Heard of the five Love languages before?? Well, you should read about them, this will help you know what she likes and enables you to prove your love to her. It’s really easy. You like a person and you prove it by your actions. In most cases, it is your actions that would tell her how much you care.

7. Compliment her often:

Girls love compliments. It makes them feel good about themselves. You want to make her mushy easily, compliment her always. Tell her she looks beautiful, she talks well, her shape is banging, her work ethic is top-notch, and you admire her drive. Gentlemen, make her feel beautiful.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Toasting A Girl

a)Please Don’t Whistle: 

If you found her on the road, please do not whistle, you have blown your shot. I find Nigerian guys doing this mostly, and I can tell you that it is irritating. Walk up to her confidently and talk to her. I repeat, do not whistle.

 b) Do not Cram the Words

 it’s really appalling that some guys will go all the way to cram words they don’t mean, to get the girl’s attention. Most times, you end up making a big fool of yourself. 

It’s easy to convince a girl beyond reasonable doubt to just be you. Why cram?? The worst thing that might happen is that she will turn you down and that is not the end of the world, you will find someone who will reciprocate your feelings.

c) Don’t Look Down on Yourself: 

No lady is too good for you; when you understand this, it’ll help boost your confidence. 

Even if it seems she is very far from your reach, if she was meant to be yours, she would be yours. Your self-worth and how you carry yourself will make her find you attractive. The girl you want to meet might have a crush on you, so do not blow your chances by looking down at yourself.

4) Don’t Ask Unnecessary Questions 

You are aiming to strike up a conversation with her, please keep it light, don’t be too inquisitive, it might rub her off the wrong way, especially questions like where do you live, are you the last born, where does your father work!! Haba.

She might find you boring and even go as far as ending the conversation with you immediately. Know that your first discussion with her will determine if you made a good impression or not. Your first conversation should be diplomatic, light, and funny, not questionably epileptic.

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