Cheap hotels in Owerri 2022

Cheap hotels in Owerri

Going Through this article means searching for the list of cheap hotels in Owerri where you can lodge. If that is true, then let’s get right into it.

Swiss International Beland Hotel

Swiss Hotel, Owerri

Swiss International Beland Hotel

Swiss International Beland Hotel, situated in Plot P/14 Public Building Layout, Imo Specialist Hospital Umuguma Road, New Owerri 471102, Owerri, fits in the ranking of cheap hotels in Owerri.

It offers accommodation with several unique features, from its restaurant, private parking, a bar, and a shared lounge as a hospitality firm.

Among all the facilities at the Swiss hotel, what sets it apart from other hotels in Owerri is its additional features, like its room service and free WIFI throughout your stay in the hotel.

In addition, the hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, evening entertainment, and a 24-hour front desk.

Nevertheless, some rooms have a kitchenette with a minibar alongside its continental breakfast, which is available each morning at the hotel.

The surrounding is peaceful, and the interior is magnificent, making this the most fantastic place to visit.

The staff is pretty cautious with customer service, and their room is clean.

 The food menu is diverse and sumptuous, and the hotel bar is well-furnished.

The price of accommodation for a night goes for nothing less than N30,000 to enjoy all this luxury.

You can also book a room reservation with them without going to the hotel premises. Send a mail to [email protected], or visit

On the other hand, it is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on the Google rating algorithm.

Oxygen Holiday Resort

Oxygen hotel, Owerri

Situated at 2 – 6 Lady Annas Nwosu Lane, Off 40/40 Roundabout, Area E, New Owerri 460221, Owerri. The Oxygen Hotel is yet numbered as one of the most beautiful hotels in Owerri.

At Oxygen hotel, its management is so particular about visitors. They possess some of the finest furnishings, bedding, and amenities to make guests’ stay distinct and relaxed.

Whether you’re in town for business, a retreat, or a holiday, Oxygen hotel has the perfect treat for its guests.

Consequently, all the rooms are equipped with an ensuite shower or tub, flat screen tv with premium cable channels, air conditioning, and a minibar.

Their plush beds are of different sizes, large, queen, or king-sized, for a comfortable night’s stay. Whether you need an executive room or larger living room space in our diplomatic suite, they are always rooms that will be sure to meet your needs.

As an exclusive guest at Oxygen Hotel, you will be offered a complimentary breakfast & an overnight kit. 

The basic charge starts at N30,000.

The hotel is equally clean, and the staff is friendly. The location is quite serene.

As a result of its excellence, it is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on the Google rating algorithm.

For reservations and further inquiries on rooms, contact them at +2349063635500 or their official email; [email protected]

Axion Honours Hotel

Axion hotel Owerri

At No 7 Axion Road, Off Port Harcourt Rd, Owerri is another luxury hotel in Owerri.

To fit as one of the cheap hotels in Owerri, it provides hospitality the best way it can through its superb facilities such as its Reception, Convenience, Breakfast, Swimming Pool, In-house Bar, Executive lounge, Conducive Atmosphere, and provision of 24/7 security.

The location is strategic alongside its interior, which is impressive. The reception is warm, and the service is fantastic. The staff are friendly, giving a plus to the management of Axion honor hotel.

Accommodation per night costs ₦26,023.

For bookings, you can email them at or contact them at their front desk number, which is +2348113405555.

BON Hotel Tripod Owerri

BON tripod Owerri

Located in the city known as the entertainment capital of Nigeria, 4 Maranatha Ave, New Owerri 460271, Owerri. The BON Hotel Tripod Owerri offers great stays for both leisure and business travelers.

Among the cheap hotels in Owerri, the hotel offers 66 rooms of various types, including two presidential suites.

The hotel is close to the Imo State Trade Investment Centre and the Imo State House of Assembly, making it suited for business travelers and parliamentarians.

With two conference facilities offering space for over 200 delegates, the hotel has a great deal to offer business travelers.

In addition, there are other great ways to spend some free time at the BON tripod Hotel:

  • Experience local lakes where Oguta Lake comes into consideration.
  • There also is a fun Amusement Park. Children in particular, will be thrilled to spend time at the iHop Amusement Park and Heroes Park. 
  • There’s a zoo also where both children and adults can visit for fun.
  • For players of the golf sport, there’s a golf spot where you can simply go to catch a cool off from the day’s work.

Its traditional foods, especially soups, are a feature of Owerri that everyone should try out. This has made google give it a rating of 4.4 out of its star rating.

The price of the accommodation is at N42,000-N46,000. For inquiries, send a mail to:[email protected]

Protea Hotel Owerri

Signpost of Protea hotel

At PLOT H/1 Nekede Pocket Layout Protea Road, New Owerri, Imo, Protea Hotel tops the list of cheap hotels in Owerri.

Protea Hotel Owerri has diverse offers with all having a mix of tranquillity and nightlife that is second to none.

Of a few mention is its Glorious Lobby & Bar, Luxury rooms with beautiful suites, and its Exceptional pool and patio.

In addition, its Magnificent breakfast buffet with the glory of the local eats but also standard American with omelettes and toast is a plus to this hospitality firm. The staff are also wonderful and attentive to customer needs.

The level of excellence at this Marriott hotel according o a particular customer review is worth comparing to the hotel standard obtained in the U.S.

Generally, it is a Beautiful and cool place offering great service and a clean environment. Good food variety and relaxation area by the pool. Best for business and great for family too.

On one hand, its accommodation cost per night ranges from NGN 48,669 – NGN 55,324 based on Average Rates for a Standard Room. It is rated 4.5 out of a 5-star rating, thus implying excellence in its all-round performance.

Full Moon Hotel

A room at Full moon Owerri

Also among the cheap hotels in Owerri is full moon Hotel Which is located at Plot H-1 Fullmoon Avenue, by Akanchawa Road, Housing Area “C, New Owerri 460721, Owerri

Apart From Its Astonishingly Beautiful environment, FULLMOON Hotels is a complete definition of class. With over 85 spacious rooms of various categories; exquisitely furnished with state-of-the-art fittings, there’s no limit to your comfort, fun, and excitement

As one of the cheap hotels in Owerri, full moon hotels has ensured to keep to its standard of being a modern and well-maintained hotel.

Its amazing features range from its Clean environment, helpful staff, nice pool, good wifi, good air conditioning, constant power supply, and good cold beer at the bar.

Also at Full Moon Hotel is an elevator that enables guests to have easy movement within the hotel building; a mini-mart for convenient shopping; laundry and dry cleaning services and round-the-clock room service.

For the cost of accommodation per night, Premiere is ₦30,000 avg/per night

  • Deluxe ₦40,000 avg/night
  • Executive ₦50,000 avg/night
  • Penthouse Single ₦90,000 avg/night

For more inquiries and room reservations, contact them at their website at

Tel: 08123139279, 09038869936, 09038869938

Email: [email protected]


Hotel Ibis Owerri

Located at Area A World Bank Dreamland Junction Off PH Road, Owerri Nigeria Hotel Ibis Royale is one of the budget hotels in Owerri, Imo which happens to be among the list of cheap hotels in Owerri.

Firstly, it has a Nice reception, spacious rooms which are properly air-conditioned.

Secondly, it has a lovely location with lovely scenery, a large parking lot, and wheelchair accessibility. The food is also very tasty, you don’t want to imagine what their turkey and noodles taste like

In addition to these luxury fittings, there is a continuous supply of power.

Also, They have a stairway and an elevator.They also have cordial, inviting, and courteous personnel who properly understand the nature of their job and perform as expected

Additionally, they also have tight security.The price range of its accommodation cost is NGN 63,538 per night Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room.

They have a 4-star rating as well out of 5 on the Google rating algorithm.

For bookings, quickly visit HTTP:// for more inquiries.

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