Top 6 cheap hotels in Calabar

If you are looking for cheap hotels in Calabar that guarantees comforts, luxury, and a touch of style with a standard budget on hold, then you are in the right article.

1. Tinapa Lakeside Hotel

Hotels in Calabar.  Tinapa lakeside hotel

Situated in 8 Miles Adiabo, Calabar Municipal, Ikot Omin, Calabar, Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria, 23401, Tinapa lakeside hotel is yet one hospitality firm that is among the cheap hotels in Calabar.

Being one of the cheap hotels in Calabar, Tinapa lakeside hotel has more than 200 spacious rooms with modern amenities, thus ensuring that guests and visitors have a memorable experience throughout their stay.

Its location clearly defines serenity by virtue of being in a very secure environment.

Also worth emphasizing are the features that make it outstanding from other hotels in Calabar.

Firstly, its king-size beds are comfortable and big enough to give visitors a restful sleep. Secondly is their delicious meal, a superb section for games like golf and football and beautiful boat riding sessions.

Also, they have a decent customer service model that is adequately equipped with good customer relations.

The price of an accommodation per night depends on the choice of rooms the guest finds appealing.

The categories of rooms include the standard, single, executive, single, and double occupant rooms.

Despite all the rooms listed above, the price of its basic room per night is N59,000.

There is also a spot for babysitting, laundry and apparel drying, luggage storage, car hire services, an airport shuttle, and a concierge. The hotel has a 6.5 out of a 10-star rating on the Google rating algorithm.

For reservations and inquiries, you could visit for more about them.

2. Calabar Harbour Resort and Spa

Also on the list of cheap hotels in Calabar is the Calabar harbour resort and spa located at 32 Asari Eso Layout Off MCC Road, Calabar 540222, Nigeria.

As one of the cheap hotels in Calabar, Calabar harbour resort and spa has its vision of Redefining the luxury hospitality experience in general.

Also, at Calabar Harbour Resort and Spa, certain features make it stand out. Even though there are just 13 rooms and three suites in the entire building, their quality features match what other top hospitality firms offer.

On the other hand, each of their rooms and suites is very comfortable, all with beautiful furniture, fabrics and decoration, TV, cable, Wi-Fi, and new anti-stress beds to ensure guests have a restful stay.

In addition, its large Suite room has a kitchen area, a fabulous sunken bathtub, and a breathtaking landscape view from over the windows. Just in case you are considering a perfect place for single

travelers, families, couples, Calabar harbour resort and spa should be your pick.

In other scenarios, if you are a group traveling to Calabar for a wedding, or volunteer project, you are assured that this hotel will ease the stress through its quality provision of comfort.

They have 16 beds with a total capacity of 32 people.

The hotel and event center of Calabar Harbour Resort & Spa is trendy for weddings and other celebrations here in Calabar.

 It also is the perfect choice if you are attending an event there to instead

stay at our hotel with budget rates while still having the comfort of being close to the event venue.

Yet another commendable part of Calabar harbour and spa is their friendly, welcoming, and accommodating staff, who do everything in their power to make your stay at the hotel as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

For contact and reservations, you could reach them at [email protected] or their front desk number at +234908594432.

Their accommodation per night falls under the price of 32,000 to 42,000 depending on the room choice and specifications.

3. Adsuit Hotel

Located at no 1 adults hotel crescent Ikot Efa road off parliamentary Calabar, Adsuit hotel is yet another hotel that makes it to the list of good quality hotels in Calabar

At Adsuit hotel, the entries management has seen to it that there is 24hrs power supply and Wi-Fi is

available and fast not minding the unstable state of the network sometimes. This makes it stand out as one of the best hotels in Calabar.

Being one of the oldest hotels in Calabar, it is pretty spacious in and out with attractive lush grounds. Their food delivery and cuisines are also top-notch.

The hotel is rated 4 stars out of a 5-star rating on google.

Just to be clear with the directions to Adsuit hotel, some restaurants close to Adsuit Hotel Limited include Native Delicacies Restaurant, Happy Food, and Adrian’s Place.

For its aesthetic, the hotel’s interior has this Unique African artwork all over the reception as you walk in.

It has 20 rooms backed up with a quality specification of luxury. 

Its services rendered through their customer service was top notch. No wonder they have an 8-star rating out of 10 stars on Google’s rating algorithm.

In summary, Adsuit Hotel has Good rooms, location, food, and management.

Its accommodation per night falls under the price range of NGN 45,094 – NGN 45,929 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

An experience at Adsuit hotel is simply one that you would always want to give it a try over and over again

4. Beverly Heels Hotels

 Located at 56, Ndidem Usang Iso Road, Calabar, Cross River, Beverly Heels Hotels is an influencer and well-crafted hotel located in the heart of Calabar City at No. 56 Ndidem Usang Street, Iso Road in Cross Rivers State.

The hotel has several modern features and ne of the best hotels in Calabar. The facilities range from a bar, restaurant, conference hall, and Free Internet, all accessible so long as you are in the confines of the hotel.

All the rooms available in the hotel are spacious and finely fitted with Flat screen TVs with cable Reception, king-sized beds, ornate lampshades, rugs, air conditioners, sofas, and ensuite bathrooms.

Also, Beverly Heels Hotels is a portion of fast food that serves local Nigerian dishes, pastries, and various drinks.

The hotel features a nightclub for guests to unwind after a hard day. You can now agree to it why it is said to be among the cheap hotels in Calabar

5. Petesville Hotel

You cannot end the list of cheap hotels in Calabar without mentioning Petesville Hotel Located at Plot 236, 2nd Avenue State Housing Estate, Calabar Nigeria.

Petesville Hotel is yet another luxury hotel on the outskirts of Calabar located in a quiet and serene environment. Firstly, It also has a total of 16 rooms.

At Petesville, several note-worthy features make them outstanding, from its Excellent front desk assistance, its exceptional room service, and their employees and security which are very helpful and courteous.

The en-suite bathrooms and the rooms also have exquisite décor which is adequately maintained byuite responsible personnels.

For its accommodation price per night, it goes for price of NGN 40,349 – NGN 45,341 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

In addition is the restaurant at Petesvillewhich serves local and international cuisine and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

To enjoy a few bottles of drinks with friends, the bar is readily open and


For bookings, you can check if you cannot make it to their residential address listed above.

6. Monty suites Calabar

Located at Northern Industrial Layout, behind Zone Six Police Headquarters Off Murtala Mohammed Highway Esuk Utan 540281, Calabar, Monty suites Calabar is also among the cheap hotels in Calabar.

The hotel is situated in a serene environment. The rooms are nice and decent though a bit pricey but since your purpose of going through this article was to find the cheap hotels in calabar, you shouldn’t find that inconvenient right?

The hotel has a functional swimming pool, internet, and laundry. Currently the best hotel in Calabar right now. The available room is excellent. 

Also, for movie lovers, The deluxe rooms have Netflix on the internet-enabled TV. Wi-Fi is good. The environment is serene and secure alongside its 24 hours power supply. 

There are also Good halls for organizing conferences and round table discussions. Beautiful pool and bar, it is an excellent family-friendly place. The price is reasonable too for the services you get. It is one of the best hotels in Calabar

The staff are all courteous and the service they offer is professional. Petesville is highly recommended for business travelers and families.

It is given a Google rating of 4.3 out of a 5-star rating. For personal inquiries and reservation, contact their front desk number +2347034044047.


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