Halima Atete Biography, Career and Net Worth

Halima Atete

Halima Atete is a Nigerian movie actress and producer trendy for her role in the Kannywood film industry.

Mrs. Halima joined the movie industry ten years ago and was nominated by stakeholders in the Hausa film industry in the North in collaboration with the Zamfara State Emirate Council as the Queen of Kannywood (Sauraniyan Kannywood).

She became famous for always portraying jealousy-filled and mischievous roles in movies.

Halima Atete Biography

Born in Maiduguri ,Borno State. She went to Maigari primary school and Yerwa government day secondary school for her primary and secondary education. 

Halima got her National Diploma in Sharia and civil law. Not much is known about her family background or siblings as most of this information has been kept from the media.

Halima Atete Career

Halima Atete joined the movie industry in 2012, specializing in Hausa movies also called Kannywood. She made her debut in Asalina(My Origin), a film she also produced.

Halima Atete has appeared in over 160 movies. She has produced several film like Asalina, and Uwar Gulma(Mother of Gossip).

 After her appearance in many movies such as Kona Gari, and Darkin Amarya. She bagged an award for the best new actress at the City People Entertainment Awards in 2013.

She was also nominated by the London-based news organization African Voice over her outstanding performance in the movie industry.

Halima Atete Net Worth

She is one of the richest actresses in Kannywood (Hausa film industry). Her net worth is estimated at around 1.5 Million Dollars.

Halima Atete is also a Fashion Designer

The Kannywood actress is really multi-talented, Although she is famous for her contributions to the Kannywood film industry. Halima is also a fashion designer.

 Making her earn not just from acting and producing in the film industry but also as a well-known fashion designer. If her net worth is converted to Nigerian naira, you will be shocked at the kind of wealth Halima commands.

Assets Of Halima Atete

As one of the richest actresses in the Kannywood film industry, Halima Atete lives in a luxurious mansion and drives beautiful cars. From the pictures she shares of the interior of her home on social media, you can tell that this Kannywood star is living well and is very comfortable.

Personal Life

Halima Atete’s personal life has interested many of her fans.

According to some reports, she is married, but we can not honestly say this for sure as the woman in question has not come out to refute the claim or made any statement about it.

While some reports are saying she had issues in her marriage and it has been annulled. Still, it is better to get the concrete

information from the horse’s mouth.

Halima Atete’s Influence In The Kannywood Film Industry

Kannywood is a part of Nollywood that focuses on promoting the Hausa culture and tradition, just like the Yoruba movie industry.

 Halima Atete has been influential in shaping the face of this industry. Halima is one of the popular faces who have played diverse roles and over time has become a fan favorite.

 You cannot take out Halima Atete’s contributions to the industry as an actress and a movie producer. If Kannywood is celebrated now, understand that it was the likes of Halima and others that contributed to its growth.

Why Halima Atete Has Never Been Involved in Controversies

In an interview, Halima Atete stated that it hasn’t been easy to be without controversy, especially in the movie industry.

Halima is privileged to be featured in movies with icons like Ali Nuhu, Safiq Ahmad, Aisha Aliyu, and many others.

 She says she tries her best to please her fans in her movie roles and ensure she stays out of bad publicity. 

 The actress has also maintained that she would never sleep with any producer for movie roles as it is against her religious practice and personal ethics.

Award and Nominations of Halima Atete

Halima Atete receiving award
Halima receiving award

City People Entertainment Awards for Best New Actress in 2013

City People Entertainment Awards for Best Supporting Actress in 2014

She was a nominee at the African Voice Awards for Best Actress in 2017

City People Entertainment Awards for Best Actress in 2017

City People Entertainment Awards for Kannywood Face in 2018

Halima Atete Social Media Account

Here is a list of Halima’s social media pages. Where she shares pictures and doesn’t hesitate to share her beautiful lifestyle with fans.

Instagram handle: @halimaatete

Twitter: @Halima_atete


Wata Hudu

Yaudarar Zuciya

Asalina ( My Origin)

Darkin Amarya

Matar Jamai’a

Wata Rayuwa

Ashabul Kahfi


Bikin Yar Gata

Mai Dalilin Sure

Soyayya Da Shakuwa

Alkaline Kauye

Bani Bake

Kurman Kallo

Uwar Gulma( Mother of Gossip)


Igiyar Zato

Quick Facts About Halima Atete

Real Name: Halima Yusuf Atete

Nationality: Nigeria

State of Origin: Borno

Gender/Sex: Female

Ethnic: Hausa/Fulani

Date of Birth: November 26, 1988

Place of Birth: Maiduguri

Religion: Islam

Marital Status: Complicated

Industry: Kannywood

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