Top 10 fun places in Lagos

Fun place in Lagos

If you are looking for fun places in Lagos to unwind then we have got you covered. Lagos State is the hub for everything, the fun, the busy life. There’s nothing you are looking for that you won’t find in Lagos.

Although the constant hustle and bustle is a significant part of Lagos life, this can be stressful sometimes.

 It is good to hang out once in a while to release stress. You can relax and have a good time in many fun places.

Below is a list of 10 Fun places in Lagos

1. Lekki Conservation Center

This place is situated on 76 hectares of land with natural reserve spots and many relaxation centres for people in the city.

Lekki Conservation Center provides a glimpse into how animals are in their native habitats because it was built primarily for the conservation and preservation of particular animals and vegetation.

 This natural refuge is a beautiful spot to explore nature away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, and you can take advantage of the longest canopy walk in Africa. You get a breathtaking view of the animals from the

treetops via this canopy path.

 Here are some things you will find when visiting the Lekki Conservation Center.

A 96 Seater Gazebos

A 401 canopy walkway

A Bird hide

Beach Volleyball Courts



Tilapia ponds

Swamp lookouts Station and many more

2. Tarkwa Bay

Another fun place to visit in Lagos is Tarkwa Bay. It is an excellent beach with some artificial shelter. You can only get access to this beach by boat, which comes with another memorable experience, the beach is close to Lagos Harbour, so there is a lot of sightseeing for you.

You can also ride on modern boats and water taxis. Its location is unknown to most Lagosians, but believe me when I say this is a place you want to be. The bay has existed since the 60s and is one of the best fun places you can visit in Lagos.

 Apart from the activities you will enjoy in this place; the beach provides incredible scenery and a beautiful backdrop for amazing pictures.

3. Epe Resort :

Epe resort is one of the fun places in Lagos. The resort is clean, and the rooms are sparkling with different sizes( Standard or deluxe with sitting space and

bigger rooms).

 The customer service is excellent, so many activities you can partake in this place, like biking, board games, and a tennis court to practise your skills. Another beautiful thing about this resort is its large rooftop bar to enjoy a good drink while staring at the beautiful scenery.

4. Elegushi Beach

One of Lagos State’s most well-liked and contemporary beaches, it is well-maintained and well-funded for excellent enjoyment.

Elegushi Beach is situated along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ikate Lagos State. Nevertheless, because it is privately held, the administration will be better than at public beaches. The most well-liked beach on Lagos Island, without a doubt, is Elegushi Beach. For family outings, celebrations, picnics, get-togethers,

and other events, it is the best entertaining location.

5.La Campagne Tropicana:

 La Campagne Tropicana is one of the famous beach resorts on Lagos Island, and it is one of the favourite spots for celebrities.

 This beach is on a 60-acre private property with full access to the beach, beautifully shaped swimming pools all over the place and shelter for refreshment. La Campagne Tropicana offers everything from African-packed hospitality to Luxury treats.

 La Campagne Tropicana is one of the best fun places to visit as you can take beautiful pictures and videos there.

6. Freedom Park

Freedom Park on Lagos Island is one of many freedom parks in Nigeria. There are also freedom parks on the mainland. Her Majesty’s Broad Street prison was formerly located there, and the Lagos Island Freedom Park was created in 2010 to mark Nigeria’s 50th anniversary of independence. It is one of the best fun places in Lagos.

You can learn a lot about Nigeria’s history here, including how the colonial rulers arrived, information about their explorations, preserved traditions, and other historical facts.

7. National Theatre Iganmu

Located on the Lagos mainland, the national theatre is a multipurpose monument for preserving, presenting, and promoting Nigerian arts and culture.

 You can visit this place and watch stage plays and drama acts, which can be fun. The building has two cinema halls, a restaurant and a bar, perfect for hanging out.

8. Apapa Amusement Park

Apapa Amusement Park is a great recreational facility with enjoyable activities for the whole family. You can participate in enjoyable activities for as little as N400 or as much as N1200.

9. Kamp Ikare

One of the most excellent resorts in Lagos, Kamp Ikare is only accessible by water and is adjacent to Ikare Village in Badagry. As one of the fun places in Lagos, it has a natural aesthetic which you will truly value.

 The resort is one of the best spots to hang out in Lagos because it is surrounded by palm trees and fine beaches and is full of amenities and services that may meet your demands. You can choose the Kouch Suite, Classic Suite, Kamp Krib, and Kamp Kot. All options offer the best sea views.

10. Terra Kulture

You’ll adore this location if you enjoy reading and seeing plays on stage; it features a restaurant, art gallery, library, theatre, and a language school.

 The restaurant serves foreign and local cuisine, and the theatre has presented numerous theatrical productions, including Fela.

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