Why you should visit Eleko beach in 2022

A  clean beach

Eleko Beach is tagged as one of the most beautiful beaches in Lagos. And we have plenty of reasons why this famous beach has earned this name. 

The beach was founded in 1989, and it is situated in Ibeju Lekki Local Government Area. Eleko Beach is the best place for fun seekers, picnic lovers, and tourists.

The atmosphere is calm and breezy. If you’ve been wondering whether this place is a worthwhile beach, the answer is Yes!! 

Where is Eleko Beach Located?

 The beach is just a 45 minutes drive from Ikoyi Lagos. The beach is located at Eleko Beach Rd, 105101, Ibeju Lekki Local Government Area, Lekki Epe Expressway Lagos Nigeria.

Is Eleko Beach Neat?

 I won’t lie to you, the first thing that was striking to me about this beach was its neatness. I think this is one of the things that set it apart from other beaches in Lagos State.

 Most beaches in Lagos fall short of this very category, but Eleko Beach does quite well in maintaining very clean surroundings making it super attractive to tourists. 

Can you find tents in Eleko beach?

 I loved the fact that the day I visited when the sun was high, I was offered a tent by one of the staff. So if you’ve been wondering if tents are available on this beach, well you’ve got your answer.

 One thing you should note is that the tents are not free. The cost of using a tent is N10,000.

The Best Time To Visit Eleko Beach

If you love a calm atmosphere, I’ll advise that you come on a weekday and avoid coming on festive days and holidays. But if you’re the Life of the party, then you should visit on weekends, festive periods and public holidays. You’ll definitely have fun to the fullest. 

Fun Things You Can Do At Eleko Beach 

You can do some fish shopping:

 Shocked that this is the first on our list, yes. Eleko Beach has an abundance of fresh fish and prawns. For those who take their health seriously, eating fresh things should be at the top of your list.

 In Eleko Beach, it is easy to get fresh fish and prawns. In fact among other Beaches. Eleko Beach stands tall as one of the beaches where you can easily find fresh aquatic foods.

 Horse Riding

 Horse Riding is available on Eleko Beach. However, you should be careful because some horse riders can be very dubious.

 Before you give them money, be sure you are both clear about the terms so you don’t get duped. Most times, the cost per ride is N300 

You can go for a Picnic:

 Eleko Beach is the perfect spot for your picnic dates. Remember you can go on picnics with your family, friends or even your romantic partner.

 One thing is for sure when parking for picnic dates. Be sure to put the necessary food that you both would love. Foods like Rice, fruits, chicken, pastries, and drinks are perfect for picnic dates 

You Can Patronize the Restaurants at Eleko Beach: 

There are standard restaurants and bars at the beach, where you can get drinks, and food if you did not come with any. These restaurants have quite the customer base because of the delicious cuisines they offer. 

Take Pictures:

 I do not go to a beach without carrying my camera with me. My camera bag is my handbag. What’s more fun than taking pictures of your beautiful self and keeping all the memories close at heart? 

You should take pictures when next you visit the beach

 Go For A Walk: 

Eleko beach is the perfect place to go for a walk. Imagine walking barefooted on the sands, while taking in the crisp and fresh air and exercising your muscles while at it.

 Taking a walk on this beach is one of the best experiences you could ever get. The serene atmosphere, the breezy and soothing wind. Only one word describes this feeling ” Beautiful” 

Playing Games:

You can play games with friends at this beach. The beach is like a huge playground and it is always more fun during the weekends or maybe festive periods.

 Games like football, volleyball, and tennis. What better place to hone those skills than at the beach? 

Entrance Fees At Eleko Beach 

The gate fee is very affordable, per head is N500. This price is fixed regardless of age or period

 When Does Eleko Beach Open? 

Like many beaches, Eleko Beach opens all the time. That is to say 365 days a year or 366 days a year.

 No matter how busy you are, you can find time to visit the beach at least twice a year or even a month, depending on how you value your relaxation. 

For the opening hours, the beach is open 24 hours a day.

Although, this might not be too favourable as I’ll advise you to ensure that you don’t keep late nights, especially at the beach.

 The only issue about this beach is that it doesn’t have proper security, and you might find yourself in life-threatening situations, especially for the ladies.

Parking Spaces At Eleko Beach 

Eleko Beach is quite huge and can accommodate your cars. Regardless of how busy the place is, you’ll always find a suitable place to park your car.

 Another interesting thing about the beach is that the parking spaces are free, once you’ve paid your entrance fee, you don’t need to pay for a parking ticket.

How To Dress When Going To Eleko Beach

 When you’re going to a beach, you should have your beachwear with you.

For guys, some shorts and white tees or a singlet will do. For the ladies, you can wear your bikini set, shorts or satin tops, or skirts. 

But to be on the safer side you shouldn’t wear revealing clothes, especially for the ladies, so a bikini may not be too favourable for you. It is better you avoid harassment from touts and also placing yourself in an unnecessary spotlight

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