8 benefits of eating bitter kola first thing in the morning

bitter kola seeds

According to research, Bitter kola is a therapeutic fruit that has little or no adverse effects when used. For this reason, we will explain the benefits of eating bitter kola first thing in the morning.

Some millennials believe that bitter kola is meant for older people only; this is not true as the fruit benefits the old and young.

A 2018 study found that bitter kola can aid in the treatment of bacteria and cough related diseases. When the infection appears, eating bitter kola may help you fight it to recover more quickly. 

This is why we people should be encouraged to eat bitter kola first thing in the morning. One may ask for what purpose it serves exactly? Is it harmful? 

In addition, we will discuss its various constituents and the benefits you will receive from eating it daily.

Benefits Of Eating Bitter Kola First Thing In The Morning.

As earlier mentioned, they are a number of health benefits with eating bitter kola first thing in the morning.


1. It Treats Cold:

Bitter kola can be effective and efficient when used in the traditional treatment of a recurring cold.
Relief Coughs And Clears Throat: 
Bitter kola helps clear mucus produced in the vocal tube, which affects one’s voice while talking.


Taking bitter kola in the morning will help clear the vocal tube thereby paving the way for a clearer and smooth voice.

On this note, getting rid of the stagnant mucus from the throat will automatically help relieve you of any cough. So if you have a crack voice, try eating bitter kola first thing in the morning to see its wonders.

2 It Fights Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease that puts pressure on the eye, which often leads to gradual loss of sight and, if not treated in time, can result in total blindness.

In this regard, bitter kola reduces any pressure in the eye, hence, fighting the risk of sight loss or glaucoma.

 3. It fights Constipation:

Findings show that Africans have been consuming bitter kola to help remove gases from their body system. According to the research conducted by scientists, bitter kola has shown to be more effective in fighting constipation.

4. It Boost Sex Performance And Fertility: 

As a performance booster, a lot has been said about eating bitter kola first thing in the morning or before having intercourse.

So, therefore, eating kola will help boost your stamina and make you last longer in bed as a man.

The point now is that eating bitter kola first thing in the morning wouldn’t just increase your sex drive, but it will also improve the performance of impotent men.

5. It treats sexually transmitted diseases (STD): 

Moreover, chewing bitter kola in the morning or at any time can also treat all forms of STD (excluding HIV/AIDs). The seed, leaf and fruits of bitter kola have antibacterial activity in their components.

The leaf, seeds and bitter kola fruits have the power to isolate (clinically) Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, Escherichia coli, and Salmonella typhi.

6. It boost the immune system:

In the same vein, part of the constituents of bitter kola are antioxidants which are very effective in fighting off bacteria and other related diseases.

Therefore, eating bitter kola first thing in the morning boosts and improves your immune system to function efficiently.

7. It enhances sexual Impotence:

Other than the fact that bitter kola boosts sex performance, it is also believed to be an effective cure for men’s impotence. That is, when it comes to improving sexual performance among men, bitter kola could be a great help.

8. It is Anti-malaria: 

There are some chemical constituents in bitter kola which contain antimalarial properties.

One thing is evident from the foregoing, it is the fact that bitter kola contains a ton of benefits from which the body typically benefits.

Although the health benefits of eating bitter kola first thing in the morning have been outlined here, there are still other advantages.

How Many Bitter Kolas Should You Consume Each Day?

It is recommended that a person consumes two bitter kola nuts each day. It is enough bitter kola to restore your energy and boost your health.

How Bitter Kola Can Be Eaten

Traditional African medicine uses all parts of the Bitter Kola plant, but the seeds are the most commonly ingested.

Raw or cooked, bitter kola seeds have a harsh, bitter taste that gradually becomes sweeter as you chew them.

Some drinks are combined with the bitter kola seed flavour, and these can be ideal to add to your diet’s menu.

In summary, therefore, eating bitter kola first thing in the morning is a good idea because

  • As a purgative, Bitter Kola is fantastic.
  •  Used to increase both male and female libido.
  •  It aids in the treatment of and migraine headaches.
  • It is reported to contain a component known as Kolaviron, which can be used to cure malaria.zAids in the burning of excess fat in the body, making it useful for people who want to lose a lot of weight.
  • They can be utilised to cope with poisons in the body.
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