Does bitter leaf help sexually? The actual truth

Bitter leaf juice
A glass of bitter leaf juice

In our world today, People have grown to a point in their lives where they entirely rely on drug prescriptions from pharmacies and hospitals. If you are a fan of herbs as medicine you probably have asked: Does bitter leaf help sexually?

In this article we will answer just that, as well as let you know everything about this wonderful herb.

No doubt, even with this development, many individuals still turn to natural medicines when looking for healing solutions, one of which is enhancing sex drive.

Plants and herbs have presented us with a good number of healthy alternatives. Plants are the source of the majority of medications. 

These medications are used to treat illnesses. Vernonia amygdalina, also known as a bitter leaf, is one of these medicinal herbs.

Many Africans, including Asians,, are adopting natural herbs and plants as their last resort in taking care of their health challenges and improving their health and well-being. 

One of such popular herbs is the bitter leaf plant, which has unarguable and undeniable benefits and natural healing abilities. 

Some believe it is also used to boost sexual desire in both men and women. This article will examine whether or not this assumption is accurate.

Side Effects of bitter leaf in sexuality

Besides the numerous benefits of bitter leaf, remember that too much of anything is detrimental to your health. So, the most important thing is to keep track of any remedy’s dosage.

The bitter leaf contains a variety of therapeutic compounds. As a result, if consumed in excessive quantities, it can cause negative effects.

Iron deficiency can be caused by consuming too much bitter leaf. The bitter leaf should not be consumed during pregnancy because it may cause miscarriage.

As a result, it is critical to get medical advice before consuming this plant.

Does bitter leaf help sexually?

The answer to this question is yes. One of its commonest health benefits especially among men is its ability to boost a man’s fertility and libido.

It also helps increase a man’s sperm count by boosting a man’s sperm production . Bitter leaf contains special chemicals that help improve men’s and women’s libido. 

Bitter leaf is such an important herb that it also helps women even those trying to conceive thereby increasing their chances of giving birth.

Does Bitter leaf help sexually in women?

One way the consumption of bitter leaf improves a woman’s sexual experience is that it has the ability to improve fertility which is capable of boosting her chances of giving birth. 

Bitter leaf has the ability to improve a crucial female sex hormone that contributes to reproductive development and regulation.

It helps to prevent the toxification of immunoglobulin that fights an important female sex hormone, estrogen, and reproduction.

Bitter leaf is also very effective in women’s reproductive life, providing balance in the genital hormone.

Caution and Preparation 

Bitter leaf is commonly taken for traditional medical purposes by chewing the delicate stem to release a bitter juice.

Can Bitter Leaf Prevent Pregnancy?

The answer is no. It is not possible even in high quantities. Instead, bitter leaf and its juice have some impressive benefits for women.

Drinking bitter leaf juice can help a woman get pregnant as the chemical compounds present in bitter leaf extracts like peptides promote hormonal balance and boosts your immune system to help fight against toxification.

That is not all. Bitter leaves help the ovary to release healthy eggs. Production of a healthy egg is one thing; releasing it as when due is another. 

That is where the health benefits of bitter lead come in.

What Is Bitter Leaf?

Bitter leaf is familiar to some people, but others may not know about this wonder leaf.

As the name implies, bitter leaf is quite bitter when you taste it. 

It is not eaten raw because the taste will be unpleasant. The juice is squeezed out several times until the bitterness is reduced.

The bitter taste is never completely washed off; you still taste hints of bitterness when eating this soup. 

It becomes an acquired taste, the way you get used to apple cider vinegar or lime.

Health benefits of bitter leaf

Bitter leaf is trendy Nigeria and parts of Africa, not only because it is cheap and readily available but also because of its numerous health benefits.

African bitter leaf is used to treat malaria, help lower blood pressure, and treat gut and abdominal issues. 

Where can I get bitter leaves?

In some African countries, like Nigeria, bitter leaf is readily available. You can get it from the marketplace or grow your own. 

If you live in a country where bitter leaf is not grown, your best bet is to buy it frozen from an African store if there is one near you.

The advantage of buying frozen is that the bitter leaf is thoroughly washed, reducing its bitterness and drastically reducing prep time.

Other Health Benefits of bitter leaf

Regular intake of bitter leaves helps to regulate the blood cholesterol level, which is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke. 

Similarly, the leaf can be consumed to treat fever, feverish conditions, joint aches, different levels of intestinal complaints, stomach aches, and parasite-induced diseases like malaria.

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