Destiny Etiko husband, all about her relationship

Destiny Etiko smiling

Who is Destiny Etiko husband? Is Destiny Etiko married? These are questions lots of fans have been asking. In this article, we will go over Destiny Etiko’s relationship.


Destiny Etiko and boyfriend

As a Nollywood actress who is good at playing many roles, including acting as a bride, many of her fans must have misinterpreted it for her being married in reality.

Let it be made clear that at the time of writing this report, Destiny Etiko is not married, therefore she has no husband.

The actress, on speaking about marriage, revealed that her career is her topmost priority, and she is not ready to forfeit her career to raise a family.

Being active on social media, Tiktok and Instagram particularly, she has been rumoured to have some intimate relationships with Nollywood actors like Yul Edochie, Zubby Michael, and also Doctor Success, a movie producer.

Reports also have it that on the set of ‘Royal Dominance’, the actress was seen sharing on social media scenes of her and Zubby Michael kissing in public places. 

She even shared a picture of her and Zubby at the movie set which made the rumour grow even more intense, captioning the picture with the words “Eze and his wife”.

Consequently, she has cleared the air of such rumour, specifically stating that although she has a very special and intimate relationship with the actor, they are not romantically involved.


During an interview, the actress revealed that she is in a relationship at the moment and that she would only make public the identity of her man when it leads to marriage.

It has been rumored that the man in question is Dr. Success

Dr. Success

She has also stressed that she cannot marry a man that does not appreciate her career. She also stated that when she gets married, she will begin cutting off some roles which would not befit her status as a married woman.


Curvy Destiny Etiko

Sometime in November, Destiny Etiko was dragged with strong claims revealing the secrets of her body shape, attributing it to plastic surgery. This would have been labelled as fake rumours had it not been that it was coming from the lips of her colleague in Nollywood, Luchy Donalds.

Luchy Donalds stood her ground on claims that Miss Etiko carried out plastic surgery on her bum and stomach. Reports say Destiny Etiko first shaded Luchy Donalds when she posted a video on her Instagram page saying the shopping bags she was moving with were ’empty bags’.

As a reply, Luchy Donalds shaded Destiny Etiko saying that how can someone who did plastic surgery be throwing shades at her.


From investigations carried out by movie producers, Destiny Etiko earns N500,000 per movie role in a film feature.


The curvy actress is estimated to have a net worth of $750,000, making it fit to rank her as one of the richest and influential actresses in the Nigerian Movie industry.


A popular actress in Nollywood. Her father, Mr. John Anonde Etiko, passed away on May 15, 2020, and she was born on August 12, 1989.

Destiny Etiko rose to fame after appearing in the Nigerian film “Idemili.” The epic 2014 Nollywood film Idemili is based on the mystics and ideals of the Igbo people. 

Idemili, a location in Anambra State, inspired the name of the film, which was produced by Onye-Eze Productions and directed by Ernest Obi.

Currently, Destiny Etiko is 32 years old. She was the second child, born and raised in a family of five, three males and two females, in Udi.

Destiny received her nursery and basic schooling at Zik Avenue Primary School in Enugu State throughout her formative years. 

She completed her secondary education at Queens School and earned the necessary credentials. 

Etiko continued her tertiary study in the Anambra state university of Awka.

Destiny Etiko claimed that her mother, who is continuing in her footsteps, served as her inspiration for acting. 

In conclusion, Destiny Etiko husband is not here yet, but we look forward to that. The actress said improving on her acting career is currently her top priority.

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