Top 10 Best Clubs In Lekki 2022

What really are the best clubs in Lekki? If you want to know then you have come to the right place.

One of the busiest places on the island is Lekki and, yes, if you love nightlife, then Lekki clubs is the place to be.

Clubbing is part of the lifestyle for many people. Generally, they are there to interact with others, dance, meet new people, and hang out with pals. They go to nightclubs to party, drink, and to see whether their favorite musician is performing.

Lagosians are my favorite people because we never forget why we hustle. This article is for individuals seeking a good time on a night out in a city that never sleeps and for others who can relate to it and have had similar experiences.

 Due to two factors, everyone in the city is motivated to “blow”.To enjoy themselves and to live their lives to the fullest. We are known for this quality. Big Boys in Lagos, as we all know, don’t joke around with their enjoyment. There are over 20 clubs in the city of lekki, but we choose the top 10 clubs that people freuent for their relaxation.

 In Lekki, Monday to Sunday are club days, and the people don’t sleep on it. Below are the top 10 best Club in Lekki.

1. Slippery Lounge club Lekki

Entrance of slippery lounge Lekki

This is definitely one of the best Clubs in Lekki. You will find the lounge at 11 Wole Ariyo Street in Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos. Slippery is the ideal location for late-night refreshments after a busy, hot day. With its luxurious decor, the VIP (Cigar) lounge has a view of the entire club.

The lounge has a classy appearance thanks to the paintings and textured colored glass walls. The slippery lounge offers spots where you may sit and find your groove because it is a busy location all night. The businessman ,Jerry Shaffer, is the owner of the lounge.

There are individual rooms where visitors can unwind in a welcoming setting while sipping cocktails, enjoying fine food, and listening to soft music. There are incredible strippers waiting to perform on the dance floor, which is also available to everyone. It is a pleasant experience here and so it makes our list f the best clubs in Lekki

 2. BLVD club Lekki

BLVD Lekki club

It’s in Lekki Phase 1 at 69 Admiralty Way. BLVD is currently the popular hangout with a distinctive atmosphere. There is an active nightlife that is matched with tasty food, tasty drinks, and fantastic music. The ideal location for night lovers, that is exciting. Upstairs is where the elegantly designed nightclub is.

After a long week, BLVD is the perfect destination to party all night with pals because its in-house DJs provide the best music selection for visitors. The top boys in Lagos spend their nights here. The club is elegant, with a decent selection of drinks and a menu filled with delectable foods.

3. Elysium Night Club Lekki

Elysium club Lekki

The Elysium Night Club, is located at Piccadilly street,Agungi, Lekki phase 1,Lagos. One of the best bars on the island is Elysium NightClub,which usually hosts a number of celebrities. It is an integral part of nightlife in Lagos. You can’t help but party all night in such a lively environment. The club was built in 2013. Elysium Night Club Lekki offers a night of fun with deejay playing dance-able songs to cheer up customers.

4. Bayrock Lekki

Bayrock club Lekki

Bayrock, is situated at 60 Fola Osibo Rd, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, has made a significant statement in the strip business. One of the largest clubs in Lekki, it features gorgeous strippers. Night owls are drawn to Bayrock’s distinctive shine. Club-goers can enjoy the excitement they have always desired at the exotic entertainment location. No one is left out, the celebration goes on all night, and there is never a dull moment here. For night crawlers who live for enjoyment, it is the ideal location. Visitors can network, dance, enjoy a drink, and soak in the atmosphere of this refuge for fun-lovers. Only visitors who are at least 18 years old are permitted inside.

5. Club Mirage Lekki

Club mirage Lekki

 Another night club in Lekki, where you can get your groove on, is the Club Mirage. Lovely place, reasonably priced drinks and of course finger foods to keep you going for the night. We won’t fail to mention the exquisite set up. The only challenge here might be the tricky access to roads apart from this. It’s a great place with wonderful parking space. It is definitely one of the best clubs in Lekki.

6. Prest Jazz Club Lekki

Located at 1C Admiralty road off 1C, Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1. Prest Jazz Club is a well-known nightclub that is famous for its live jazz music performances. Prest Lunch & Dinner Cruise, Prest Cruise Waterfront Hotel, Prest Jazz Club, and Prest Miha Bodytec are all part of the Prest project, which houses a variety of hospitality services in one place (Gym & Electronic Muscle Stimulation). The concept is to provide warm, all-inclusive hospitality for 24 hours in one location. In addition to providing food and drinks for the entire project, The Prest Jazz Club Restaurant & Bar also has space for visitors from all over the world to come and enjoy themselves.

7. Theplace Lekki

 Theplace, located in Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos, is widely regarded as one of the top nightclubs in the city. It is dedicated to provide unforgettable clubbing experiences with dependable, qualified security staff.

8. BG-26 Exclusive Lounge

This is one of the best clubs in Lekki. If you are looking to unwind and have fun, Exclusive Lounge is a nightclub, lounge, and restaurant that provides superb comedy and other fascinating services. The night club is located at Beach gate Hotel, Lekki beach road, Lekki phase1 Lagos.

9. Slick Bar and Club

Slick bar and club

 Slick Bar and Club is an exclusive night club with a spacious interior and exterior to dance away your sorrow. The club is located at Plot 7A, road 7A, VGC Lekki. Lagos.

10. Da Jesse Lounge

Da Jesse Lounge

 Located at Abraham Adesanya, 2nd gate, Total filling station Lekki. Lagos Da Jesse Lounge is a nightclub and bar that provides a roomy setting for all-night entertainment as the dj plays the newest rhythms.

Why Do People Visit Nightclubs?

Dancing is one of the major factors why people visit nightclubs. Humans have an innate love of dancing, and many communities use it as a major component of amusement, socialization, and advancement

 Lagos is a state where people work and play equally hard, which is impressive since we deserve to enjoy ourselves after all our hard work.

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