Cheap hotels in Lekki 2022

A street in Lekki

Are you looking for cheap hotels in Lekki? In this article, we have listed affordable Hotels in Lekki, Lagos

As one of the fastest-growing industries in Nigeria under the umbrella of hospitality firms, the business of hotels has become a money-making venture for most individuals engaging in them.

At some point in our lives, the idea of searching for a place to lodge for some specific number of days may seem disturbing, particularly when you know you don’t have a place in mind to stay.

This is when the idea of a hotel comes into play. It is not new that virtually the prices in demand of every commodity in Nigeria have continually experienced a constant rise. However, as the days go by, the future of these prices is not expected to fall either.

It is, however, interesting to note that the level of comfort and relaxation one would experience has a lot to do with the hotel you lodged. 

The hotel you end up lodging in becomes your temporary home for that period. Nigeria is one of the African countries that have the most extraordinary hotels. 

The hotels have different classes, radiating beauties, styles, structures, serene environments, unique facilities, and more. These hotels provide the best customer service, Nigerian, African and intercontinental meals. Regarding traveling out of the country, your plans may seem incomplete if you’re yet to book a hotel.

But there is no reason to seem worried or disturbed by the continual increase in price as they are also cheap hotels that would comfortably fit into your pocket budget.

 Today’s article will list those hotels that fall under this category. 

So without further ado, let’s look at cheap hotels situated in Lekki. 


High Garden Hostel Lekki

Entrance of high garden hostel Lekki
High garden hostel Lekki

Located at Folabi Oyeyemi Close to Ikota Villa Estate Etiosa LGA in Lekki, Higher Garden Hotel And Restaurant is one budget-friendly hotel with usual hotel specifications ranging from its decent and neat environment, constant power and water supply as well as its informal and casual setting that anyone would find accommodating. 

Its price for a night ranges from N7,000 to N13,000, largely depending on the number of people admitted to each room.

Subzero suites Lekki

Subzero suites Lekki

It is located at 25. Daniyan Natalia Street A at Lekki phase 1, It is not totally out of point to say that Subzero suite is highly recommended as comfortable in terms of delivering quality services to the clients.

Subzero suite offers services such as complimentary WIFI in all rooms, Night club, On-site entertainment, yoga room, and a host of other features, all for the price of N10,000 per night for a single room, as well as its Deluxe King Room, which goes for N21,000 for a night as well.

Zircoc Residence Lekki

Cheap hotel in Lekki Zircoc residence

Located at 34 Jay Jay Olademeji, Close off freedom way, Zircoc Residence offers yet another cheap hotel in Lekki with room features such as a swimming pool, bar, poolside bar, Restaurants, Wifi in public areas, and lots more. 

Also adding to the reasons why this is ranked under the category of cheap hotels in Lekki is its impressive reviews by customers and clients, summing up to a total of 407 reviews and a three-star rating. With a budget as low as N19,000 you can enjoy pleasant hospitality here. It also caters to the needs of couples and single, all under the same price.

Citilodge Hotel

Reception point Citi Lodge cheap hotel Lekki

Originally located at No. 1 Goshen Estate Road at Lekki phase one, Citilodge Hotel is yet another family-friendly hospitality firm with lots of amazing qualities that make it stand out as one of the most outstanding hotels in Lekki. 

If you are to go in groups, for instance, there is always a bus which can aid your transportation to your destination alongside its nice staff and location. 

The power supply is constant during the day and night hours, and the response to customer service is so prompt. Also, it has a big parking space, and it’s very close to major roads such as the Lekki Expressway. You could comfortably lodge a night for a price of N16,000 to N20,000. 

Rooken Villas Lekki 

Pool area Rooken villa Lekki

Located at the B2, 21 Road 47 Bus Stop, Fatai Kaffo Street, Arobieke Street, Admiralty Road at Lekki phase one, it has accurately experienced staff, with a Quiet ambiance; rookie Villas offers accommodation with a balcony, free wifi, and a flat-screen TV.

A terrace is available for guests to use as well. The price for a single room goes N19,000 while its deluxe Double room goes for N25,000.

Box residence Lekki

Reception box residence cheap hotel Lekki

Also situated in Lekki precisely at Plot B, Oladimeji Alo Street, Off Freedom Road, Lekki phase one, Box residence also offers a conducive environment, properly air-conditioned, a seating and dining area accompanied by a constant power supply.

The facilities are also great, with an impressive review rating of 6.9/10 considered as good on a rating scale. 

You could afford a night for the price of N26,000 and its executive suite, which goes for N32,000. Its parking space is also free, and just to mention, the most popular landmarks that could easily be linked to Box Residence are closely linked with Lekki Conservation Center, Murtala Muhammed Airport, and Ibadan airport.

Tangerine hotel Lekki

A room at tangerine hotel

Located at 10a Osaru Isokpan Street Lekki, Tangerine is a reasonably decent place that ensures that guests enjoy maximum comfort, including breakfast, for a price as low as N14,000 per night. 

It also caters to the accommodation of more than just a person in cases where somebody is lodging with you. 

The double room comes with features such as a shower, one King bed and the maximum number of persons that could be housed in this room is two.

Other rooms present here include the superior king room featuring a shower and a bathtub for a price of N29,000 and its deluxe queen room with similar features as the superior king room with a price difference of N24.000. Bookings can as well be made on the online site or at the hotel premises.

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