Best Calabar Kitchen restaurants in Nigeria

Afang soap Calabar kitchen

Calabar kitchen has come to stay. You cannot name the best five restaurants that offer indigenous and tasty meals without mentioning Calabar kitchen.

 It traces its origin from the southern part of Nigeria, especially the natives of Cross-River and Akwa Ibom state; Calabar kitchen is one of the reasons we reaffirm that Nigeria is blessed.

We credit these beautiful people for gifting our taste buds with meals like the famous afang soup, edikanikong soup,editan soup, epankukwo soup, and the delicious afia afere.

Another fantastic thing about the Calabar kitchen is that you are sure of affordable yet tasty meals. Long before now, the Calabar people were not known for this part of them, but most of these people who migrated to cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja settled down and decided to go into the food business.

This was the beginning of all, as they treated us to their native delicacies and currently, these meals are fast becoming some of the famous exports of Nigeria because the reviews, of course, are not just in Nigeria but those based outside Nigeria who have tasted these meals. 

Top Five Calabar Kitchens In Nigeria

We are bringing the top five Calabar kitchens in Nigeria, tested, trusted and reliable places where you will be sure of getting your money’s worth while having a beautiful experience.

1. Echoes of Calabar kitchen

Echoes of Calabar kitchen

Echoes of Calabar is one of the best Calabar kitchens we have in Lagos, located on 285A Akin-Olugbade street in victoria island Lagos. The restaurant offers spectacular food and an exquisite menu, including the best of mouth-watering dishes and intercontinental meals.

 The restaurant features two venues in one, a concept called “multibranding ” and a bar and a full serviced dining. Customers have praised echoes of Calabar for its organized settings, cosy environment and relaxed ambience, not just for its mouth-watering dishes.

 The restaurant has enjoyed great reviews; people troop into this place for everything the restaurant has to offer, .and if you appreciate class, then echoes of Calabar is a must-visit. The conducive environment screams class.

 Echoes of Calabar has been praised for its well-trained and friendly staff, tight security and one of the best places for authentic calabar cuisine in Lagos. Anytime you find yourself in Lagos around the victoria island axis, make sure you drop by at Echoes of Calabar to have a great experience.

2. Calabar Unique Kitchen

A plate of fisherman soup

The Calabar Unique kitchen is located in southern Nigeria (Akwa Ibom state) and has been praised for offering tasty and affordable meals.

 The restaurant is located in the state’s capital, Uyo and Okobo. For persons living in Uyo, the kitchen is situated at nsukara offot nwaniba road uyo.

 You are guaranteed delicious and fresh meals in a neat, quiet, spacious environment .the best local meals are served here, and the meals are often prepared and served to your order. The next time you find yourself in Uyo or Okobo, do well to enjoy meals from Calabar Unique Kitchen.

3. Calabar Delicacies Kitchen

A plate of atama soup

Another restaurant that has made it to our top five Calabar kitchens is the Calabar Delicacies Kitchen. Located at 5A Emina Crescent between Emina crescent and majekodunmi street, Ikeja, Nigeria. Calabar delicacies are patronised by people who want authentic Efik and affordable meals., 

4. Calabar Kitchen (Ikeja)

Calabar kitchen Ikeja

The restaurant is at 27 oluwaleyimu street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos. This one offers cuisines, native delicacies of Calabar and Efik people, and the Niger Delta.

 The settings feature a bar and lounge for relaxation and very affordable meals. The best and most popular Calabar food, when served with a variety of seafood and meat to try at this place, is the edikanikong soup and fufu or the afang soup and fufu.

Calabar kitchen serves hygienic food in an elegant environment, and they never seem to run out of food hence the unending customer patronage.

 This place should make it one of the top restaurants you should visit while strolling around Ikeja, especially if you need to experience great tasty food. The customer service and promptness of service of this restaurant are top-notch.

5. Queen Sarah Calabar Delicacy kitchen

A plate of edikaikong soup

 Located at 11, New obutong, off MCC rd, street, Calabar. The food quality of this kitchen is fantastic, and you might need to have a little patience as all meals are freshly cooked for you. This restaurant offers quality and very affordable meals. Since it is located at the heart of the state, you shouldn’t expect anything less than a great experience.

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