All bubu gown styles and fashion 2022

Bubu gown styles are not too extreme, but they still look great. Every woman wants to dress in attire that is both sophisticated and elegant-looking while also offering the greatest level of comfort.

You can confidently include this piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Bubu gown or kaftan is a free-flowing gown that is popular in West Africa. Recognized by countries such as Nigeria and Ghana.

Bubu style is a loose-fitting gown that hides most curves. It can be wide-necked or v-necked and sometimes closed-necked or round-necked. It is a style that provides maximum comfort, and easy movement, and at the same time, it also makes you look beautiful and elegant. Some people even refer to it as female Agbada and it is also suitable for pregnant women.

Bubu gown styles can be worn anywhere, they can be worn in religious settings, maybe in a church or mosque or you can wear them for traditional wear, or evening wear. You can try some of the most popular colours such as black, yellow, red and green.

Different Bubu Gown Styles

The Bubu gown can be styled using different materials. Below is the list of materials you can use to style your bubu gown.

Bubu Ankara Style

Bubu ankara style

 Bubu Ankara styles are very stylish. This kind of attire will perfectly hide wide, full thighs and streamline your figure. The spacious and light clothing gives off a casual, sweet impression. Designers have come up with a lot of options for this outfit. Regardless, there are a few basics when it comes to Ankara Bubu styles: the cut is extremely simple: it is a spacious attire, devoid of a defined bust, waist, and hip area; Bubu completely hides the figure from the shoulders to the toes; this attire is suitable for women with any figure; the waist remains free or slightly defined with a string or waistband; the Ankara gives you options of bright colours and interesting patterns

Bubu Lace Style

Bubu lace gown style

 Bubu gowns are sometimes made with lace fabrics. You should be aware that lace fabric can be very revealing. So non-revealing linen that matches your lace fabrics is used when making a bubu dress.

Bubu Adire Styles

Bubu adire style

 The Yoruba people are proud of their distinctive batik-making method, which uses every valuable shade of indigo as well as the most extensive collection of designs and symbols. You may stand out at any event by wearing adire styles since everyone will be amazed by the stunning appearance the cloth gives you. Now if your bubu gown is styled from an Adire material. It is a mix of traditional and modern giving you that classy feeling.

Bubu Styles in Chiffon Silk

Bubu gown style chiffon

 Bubu gowns can be made from chiffon silk. There’s a feeling this particular material gives. It’s silky and feels soft to touch. Styling your bubu from this material is sure to turn out very gorgeous. It is stylish and classy. Most Ladies prefer using a closed-necked style for this particular material, closed at the neck and very free-flowing. Bubu gotten from the chiffon silk are mostly worn long. The beauty radiates off it better if it is worn this way.

Bubu Styles in Cotton

Bubu gown style in cotton

Bubu gowns can also be made from cotton material, this material feels homely and most times this styling can be rocked by expecting mothers. Another way you can rock your bubu gown with this material is by doing a mix of off-shoulder styling and mini styling. It is chic and perfect for a casual look rocked with sneakers.

 Bubu Styles in Crepe

Bubu gown style crepe

 When you talk about fashion design, crepe fabric is widely regarded among the classiest materials in Nigeria today Garments and other textiles made with crepe are generally delicate and used for ceremonial occasions. The crepe fabric is made from a variety of fibers such as linen, polyester, nylon, rayon, silk, cotton, and wool. You can style your bubu gown using the crepe material, it’s very chic, and very classy. For that meeting or conference, you need to attend, bubu gown styles with crepe material are a perfect fit for it.

Bubu Styles in Satin.

Bubu gown style Satin

 Satin is a type of fabric weave that produces a characteristically glossy, smooth, or lustrous material, typically with a glossy top surface and a dull back. Silk and satin – often get confused with each other, despite their similar appearance the biggest difference is that satin is a weave and not a natural fibre, whereas silk is a natural fibre fabric. You can choose to style your bubu gown using the satin material or the silk material, but whatever your choice may be, be sure that you will get a gorgeous gown. Nothing goes wrong with the bubu style.

Bubu gown styles are different

Different people want different things. So it is in the case of the Bubu gown. Below are the different ways you can rock your bubu gown with the perfect styling.

Bubu Maxi Long Style:

For some Ladies, they like the Maxi Long style. This gown can be round-necked or V-necked as the case may be. Very long and flowing. It is elegant and comfortable. Beautiful for pregnant women. In fact, any lady can rock this. You have a bag, fine sandals, and a pair of sunshades to finish the look. 

Bubu Mini Style:

For this particular styling the dress remains free-flowing but short, let’s say above the knees. The most common materials used for this mini style are the Ankara, Adire, or material. The style is chic and fun. You can rock this with a pair of sneakers or heels and look fabulous while at it.

Bubu Mini Style with Belt:

The beautiful thing about the Bubu mini is that it can be rocked any way, you can either allow it to remain free-flowing or you can use a belt around your mid-section.

Off-shoulder Bubu Gown:

It is not a must that your bubu gown must be round-necked or V-necked. You can style it gorgeously. What better way to style your bubu than making it off-shoulder. It simply adds sexy to the whole mix of classy and elegance

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