Bobrisky net worth, pictures and biography 2022

Bobrisky on traditional outfit

Bobrisky net worth is a subject most Nigerians are interested in. This is because the cross dresser always brags how he makes a lot of money.

He claims he has a huge net worth and is always flaunting money and luxury goods on social media.

The first transgender woman in Nigeria, Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, better known online as Bobrisky, is a social media personality from Nigeria. Given that there are no LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights in Nigeria. He was born on August 31, 1991. He is thirty-one years old right now.

Transgender activist and LGBT personality Bobrisky is from Nigeria. Additionally, she is well-known for using the social media platforms Snapchat and Instagram.

Bobrisky biography and net worth

Bobrisky, who was born Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju in 1991, completed her secondary education at King’s College in Lagos as well as Okota High School in Lagos. She then went on to study at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) in Nigeria where she received a BSc in Accounting. “She/her” is Bobrisky’s preferred pronoun.

Bobrisky, the male Barbie, grew up in a typical polygamous family. The star is the youngest child of his father’s three spouses. Despite being born and reared in a Muslim household, Bobrisky chose to convert to Christianity, albeit the name of the church he attends is unknown to the general public. When Bobrisky turned 16, he began living on his own. As a child, his mother beat him frequently for having a feminine nature.

Bobrisky Age

 As of 2022, Bobrisky is currently 31 years old.

Why Bobrisky Became A Woman

Bobrisky with a more masculine look

 The main reason Bobrisky decided to become a woman was that he observed that while his female acquaintances were enjoying great success, he was having trouble adjusting to life despite having a degree in accounting.

His Journey into Fashion.

Bobrisky net worth

Despite his mother’s constant warnings, he began his fashion lifestyle when he was a little child by donning girls’ clothes and applying cosmetics. He upgraded his trendy lifestyle after being admitted to the University of Lagos (UNILAG). In college, he trained as a makeup artist.

Bobrisky had a dark complexion before using the whitening treatment, which made him fair. He once stated in an Instagram post that his fashion career causes him to convert from Islam to Christianity: “I will do ablution five times a day, it will be difficult applying makeup after each ablution.”

 Controversial Nature

He finally does, however, grow to be known for this contentious nature. He gained notoriety at on-campus colleges for his distinctive sense of style and on social media for being extremely divisive for not abiding by traditional Nigerian norms. On social media, Bobrisky has a tremendous following. She was able to increase traffic to her Snapchat account by claiming to have a partner who is widely believed to be of the masculine gender, although same-sex relationships are illegal in Nigeria and are subject to a 14-year prison sentence.

She underwent surgery to change her physical look to one that was more feminine on July 8th, 2021. Additionally, she has counseled aspiring transgender individuals to seek appropriate surgical enhancement operations so they can be who they truly want to be.

 Some event organizers have asked Bobrisky to speak at events. Upon spotting Bobrisky inside the house, a Nigerian presidential assistant left the building.

A national embarrassment, according to Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, Director-General of Nigeria’s National, and will be “dealt with severely” if found on the streets. According to Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager for West Africa, Bobrisky was the person Nigerians looked for the most between October 26, 2016, and November 11, 2016, Council for Arts and Culture in 2019.

Bobrisky income from Sponsorships, Social Media Pages, and Business

 Most of Bobrisky net worth comes from his endorsements. Many people ask how Bobrisky can earn millions of naira when we all know that neither her business nor the majority of her advertisements would ever bring in that much money. We need to know Bobrisky’s earnings from all of her endorsements and business deals to calculate her net worth. According to their investigation, they discovered that Bobrisky serves as the CEO of the well-known bleaching product “BOB whitening cream.”

According to assessments conducted by our financial expert, the company will likely be valued at approximately N100 million, which is a significant sum of money. Checking her earnings from sponsorships now we know how much her cosmetics company is worth. The price to sponsor a post on Bobrisky’s Instagram profile ranges from N1,000,000 to N3,000,000. and derives an average annual income from her social media account of about 20 million nairas.

BOBRISKY Net worth

 The estimated value of Bobrisky net worth is $500,000. ( N600 million Naira) According to reports, she purchased a five-bedroom home in Lekki Peninsula, Lagos State, Nigeria, whose interior d├ęcor cost N12 million. He owns a 2019 Range Rover, a G-Wagon, and a Benz that her “bae” purchased. Bobrisky net worth has led a lot of people to go into the cross dressing business such as James Brown, etc.

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