Best car rental in Lagos in 2022

Car rental in Lagos

You may have asked what are the best car rental in Lagos services, in this article we have outlined the very best ones to help make your decision easy.

What are Car Rental services

A car rental or car hire agency is a company that rents automobiles for short periods for a fee. 

It is often organized with numerous local branches, primarily located near airports or busy city areas, and often complemented by a website allowing online reservations.

Rental cars are one of the most reliable transportation systems in the world. People prefer rental vehicles over any other mode of transportation. 

Tourists and first-time visitors often rely on these cars and other local transportation.


Nigeria’s capital city is Lagos. The most populous state, it’s full with energy and potential. Lagos is well renowned for its traffic because it has a large number of cars and minibuses that are used for commercial transportation. 

Everyone who resides in Lagos will concur that having a car to go around makes city life more simpler and more pleasurable. But even that is not a problem if you don’t drive. the variety


Regular use of public transportation involves regularly spending on transportation, and often, one may have plans of reaching a particular destination but on noticing that their funds are limited.

Traffic and the need to stop at intervals at the bus stops of a varying number of passengers can cause a delay.

Car rental companies will help you ease the pain of traveling via shared cabs. Instead of daily transportation, one can opt for the rental car, and if they feel they don’t need a driver, they could drive it too. 

In the transportation industry, with direct referral to rented cars, one can choose to ride whenever they want. So, if you’re wondering how different a rental car is, keep reading.  

With a subscription to car rental services, You can drive without worrying about the timings of the public transportation. Driving in a new city is fun when you have a short-term car rental lease. 

The digital age has quite made life easy with the introduction of Google Maps, aiding the assistance of easy transportation with specific pointers to your location and directions.

You can take the help of a rental to drive on its own. If they want then they can also take the chauffeur service to avoid the hectic of driving all by yourself in a different place. You can go anywhere and stay where you can stop near a destination. 

Where to Rent cars in Lagos:

1. Kunle Lawal Car Rental Service

Kunle Lawal Professional Car Rental Service is one of the most popular car rental agencies in Nigeria

The company was established in 1997 by Kunle Lawal, a man of great vision, and the right kind of skills to make this business venture a certain success.  

Having had an earlier life as a professional driver and racking up several hours under the hoods of numerous types of cars, he is by far the best person to take this company to the next level in its growth. 

They make sure that consumers receive a high level of satisfaction, and the diligence with which they supply their services must also be mentioned. 

For enquiries you can reach them at their official Email: [email protected] or better still call or WhatsApp them at 08071777533, 08071777533

2. Briggs Car Rentals

Briggs Cars is a car rental agency located at no. 2 Industrial Estate Road Ilupeju Lagos Nigeria. It provides clients with expert assistance. 

Whatever your needs may be, get in touch with them today. For enquiries you could reach them at 0803 877 0181, or 0703 960 9878

3. Jonellies Auto

The company is ranked among the top car rental companies in Nigeria with offices in Lagos, Abuja and USA. 

They are equally one of the biggest partners of UBER with over 150 cars on their taxi app platform. 

Their Passion is starred by a desire to create a serene environment for their clients as they move around in their cars.

Jonellies Autos places priority on customer satisfaction and quality services. 

Their contact Address is located by Plot 408 Omofade Crescent Omole Estate Phase1 Ojodu Lagos State, Nigeria. Or better still them at +2347018122546 | +2349070006661 [email protected] | [email protected]

4. Hertz Car Rental Service

Hertz provides you a car and a driver. Safety, Comfort and Privacy guaranteed! 

They can as well arrange your pick up and drop off from anywhere quickly. 

You can book from the HERTZ desk at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, book online or phone any of our hotlines. 

Also their impressive fleet of luxurious vehicles are available for personal and corporate rental for up to one year, and they use internationally recognized procedures to create a welcoming environment for their clients upon arrival. 

Escort Services (Chase Vans and Armed personnel) are also provided for clients nationwide. 

You can reach them at 0708 860 6811 or their website at

5. Gaskins Car Rental 

Gaskins is a professional car rental company based in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Their fleet consists of various cars chauffeured by professionals to provide comfort and safety to clients at affordable rates. 

Having been in business for over a decade, they are fully committed to safety and quality service delivery, prompt and reliable, maximum safety.You could contact them at

6. SIXT car rental Services: 

as a car rental service situated in the city of lagos, Sixt Car rental makes car renting quick and easy. 

They achieve this by offering New cars – on average 3 months old,Premium fleet of German cars,Unlimited miles on standard vehicles as well as free cancellation when you pay on arrival. 

Their customer service is also Friendly 24/7. For certain specialty and larger-sized vehicles, the minimum age of 25 applies. 

An Underage Driver Fee will apply for drivers under 25 years. They are located at 68 Adeola Odeku street, Ikeja, and you could visit their official website at or reach them at 08093909291.

Is it possible to rent a car in Lagos without a credit card?

One of the great things about renting a car in Nigeria and its surrounding areas is that you can usually pay for your car rental in Lagos with a credit card, a debit card, or even cash at the end of your rental. 

That said, most of the rental car companies here will require that you have a credit card to rent a car as they will not rent a car.

You should also remember that when you rent a car they may require authorization on your card for a substantial amount depending on the type of car you rent.

Travel Locations of Rented Cars.

When you rent a car in this location, you can generally take it to several West African countries, including the Benin Republic, Ghana, and Togo. 

For specific details about any country you may wish to take your car rental in Lagos, it is recommended to contact your local rental agency for more details. 

It is important to remember that there may be higher fees for crossing the border and insurance requirements if you plan on taking a Lagos car rental to another country. 


You don’t have to worry about car maintenance because car rental services follow a strict schedule of car servicing and maintenance. 

They keep up with their car insurance which covers the physical damage.

Only skilled professionals take part in car rental, so you don’t have to worry about the journey with these drivers.

The drivers are well-groomed and know the city routes very well, the police also verify the driver particulars.


Car rental such as cars in Africa is generally within budget. You will have a wide selection of cars to choose from. 

Usually, the best car rentals in Africa choose cars for everyone. You can get an experience of driving in luxury as well as economy whatever suits your preferences. 

With the best GPS tracker, emergency car kit, a music playlist, reading light and other facilities you can enjoy a trip like no other. 

These are the three important points which make rental cars great for travelling. With these articles, if you want to read other topics you could go ahead and search the other ones. 


One of the most affordable and practical methods to commute within a city is to rent a car. 

Car rental services are frequently the most in-demand, particularly for cities that serve as major trade and commercial hubs like Lagos and other well-known cities in Nigeria. 

The fact that the car rental industry has been expanding at a compound annual rate.

Many companies are operating Rent A Car business in Nigeria. You can select from a wide variety of international as well as local companies, which are offering car rental in Nigeria. 

However, a huge number of these companies make it very com

Nigeria. However, a huge number of these companies make it very complicated to pick the right car rental firm catering to your specific needs and requirements. 

This necessitates a common platform where any prospective customer can search as well as analyse different companies offering car rental services. For all practical purposes, a well-presented website or mobile application is an ideal solution to search for car rental companies and their details on the go.

Categories of Car Rentals

When it comes to renting cars for use, you can either hire a car with a driver or you hire a car only and drive yourself. Self-drive rental allows you to drive around in the rented car by yourself for a specified period of time. 

The car hire price for a self-drive depends on different factors including the type of car you rent, the duration etc. 

For most rental companies in Lagos, before you can get a car for self-drive, you must provide a valid driving licence as proof of your driving capabilities. 

Terms And Conditions For renting a car in Nigeria

  • A valid driving license with six months or one year lapsed
  • Renter must provide Police report in the event of an accident or damage
  • The minimum age for renting a car is usually 21 years
  • Pay full rent with all completed documents along with a security deposit
  • The additional driver can be free or you have to pay for it; depends on the rental company’s policy
  • The renter cannot take the vehicle out of Nigeria
  • The renter will pay for the traffic fines

What is the Price of Renting a Car in Nigeria?

The prices depend on the type of car and the model year you request. 

For economy cars, the rent for a day can be as low as Ten Thousand Naira, and this can even reach Hundred Thousand Naira for luxury and sports cars.

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