Angela Nwosu biography, net worth and controversies

Angela Nwosu

Celebrity, former actress and social media influencer Angela Nwosu hails from Nigeria. The self-trained love therapist’s blog tackles topics like marriage, couples’ sex lives and relationship dynamics.

She is referred to as “digital ogbange”; since she advises her tens of thousands of social media followers on spiritual matters and sells a variety of things she describes as spiritual. Angela is renowned for her philanthropy as well, which has made her

popular with many people.

Angel Nwosu’s nickname “digital ogbange” was partly inspired by her childhood experiences. She revealed during an interview that she comes from a Christian home and her father made her study the Bible, cover to cover, so she knows a lot about Christianity and the Bible.

 But it wasn’t her calling; she had to embrace her spiritual side. She also admitted that she had a reputation for being stubborn, disobedient and rebellious as a young child. Despite Angela’s admission that she initially detested the name, she has since adored it. She also freely refers to herself as a proud digital ogbange.

Angela Nwosu Early Life

Mrs. Angela Nwosu was born on the 20th of April, 1988 and is a native of Nnewi in Anambra State. Angela spent most of her growing-up years in Lagos.

 However, not much is known regarding her childhood. Angela Nwosu attended Tonia International College in Lagos and then bagged a BSC degree in physiology from Madonna University Anambra state.

Angela Nwosu’s Career

A Stint Into Acting

Angela started as an actress in the Nollywood industry, featuring in movies like Omambala and faking it. Angela has appeared alongside A-list actors and actresses like Jim Iyke, Sola Sobowale,Enobong Effiong and many others.

Online Spiritualist

Angela Nwosu started her career as an online Spiritualist and therapist officially in 2016. She made a video on Facebook where she talked dirty, and many people claimed that Angela was doing it to gain attention in her early days.

 Still, she claimed she was a sex enthusiast and only wanted to discuss it with people. The video went viral, but her account got suspended from Facebook. 

Since she had no friends, she started making more Facebook videos and posting them with vulgar language and phrases; still, she got suspended from Facebook four times before being completely banned. Her account was later reinstated, and her contents became less offensive.

By this time, Angela Nwosu had garnered many followers on different social media platforms, as some people loved her advice on relationships and started to follow her page.

 She then grew from a love therapist to a digital ogbange. According to Angela, she did not manifest this side of her yet because she had to wait for an excellent platform to do so.

With claims to have helped many failed marriages, Angela makes and sells spiritual products like enchanted soaps, herbs, creams, scrubs for cleansing and amulets for luck. Her offer also covers rituals and spiritual counselling on connecting to nature better.

She has also claimed that she is capable of solving spiritual problems, including problems of infertility and childlessness. Angela Nwosu earns over 25 million a month from her online career, which is not limited to selling spiritual products. Angela is a sex therapist and regularly addresses issues of sex and marriage via her Instagram and YouTube handles.


As of 2022, Angel Nwosu is currently 34years old

Personal Life

Angela Nwosu is happily married to Austin Nnaemeka, a businessman and movie director. Despite claims by people that she would never get married if she continued with her way of life.

 Ironically, a few years later, Angela met her husband on Facebook who loved her mainly for her “realness” and content. They got married on the 13th of September 2019 and are blessed with a daughter “Aria” whom she gave birth to in 2021.

 However, the couple has not relented in showing the world how in love they are, sharing their special moments with fans and even vacations to different destinations. Sometimes, her husband joins her on her social media pages to show his full support for his wife.

Angela Nwosu Net worth

Based on estimations and information about her earnings and income. Her networth is estimated to be at $105,000( N50 million naira)

Philanthropic Nature

Angela is famous for her philanthropy, drawing a large crowd to her page. She is known for always giving gifts and cash to her followers. Her charitable nature has made many people overlook her controversial spiritual stand. She views charity as not just giving back to society but as a spiritual mandate to give back and appreciate the universe.

Angela Nwosu Controversies

Angela Nwosu has been accused multiple times of stealing the destinies of her fans through her various cash gifts and prizes.

 With many vulgar contents, Angel is both hated by critics and loved by her admirers. She constantly draws criticisms to her page. She has been quoted once as telling her fans that she sniffs her husband’s boxers and armpits whenever she is down as it intoxicates her and helps calm her frayed nerves.

 Some of her customers have also dragged her for selling “fake” spiritual products as some of them go as far as saying that Angela’s business is a well-planned scam and she enslaves them mentally with her “Juju powers”.

Social Media Handles

  • Angela Nwosu on Facebook
  • @Angelanwosu on Instagram
  • Her YouTube channel is called Angela Nwosu Vlog
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